Turkish Giddy-ups & “Cindy”

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the Turkish Getup, or as I like to call it, the Turkish Giddy-up. What’s a Turkish Getup, you ask? Ask and you shall receive. This is a left-handed Turkish Getup using a 44 lb kettle bell. I used 20, 30, 35, 40, and 44 lb today. As the focus was on form, I didn’t go any heavier than 44 lb.

Did I mention that my abs hurt? Well, they do. And this exacerbated (one of my favorite words) the issue. I heard a plethora (another of my favorite words) of compliments while completing Turkish Getups, all within my head. You’re awesome, Paul! Wow, you kept your elbow locked! They should have posters of you on the walls at CFD!

Next up was the benchmark WOD, “Cindy”. I admit to being quite anxious about this WOD, as I wanted to do well I but don’t feel 100% due to above mentioned abs. There were but 6 of us in attendance this morning, including Cory, Renee, Will, Kristen, and Punky. Thus, there was plenty of room to complete the WOD. Jack reminded us to drop from the bar and do pushups. I should have asked specifically what he meant.

As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of the following:

5 pull-ups

10 pushups

15 air squats

Just prior to the workout, Jack asked if I had ever done the “Chelsea” WOD. Why, yes, Jack! Don’t you read my blog? Sheesh. I’m going to start saying mean things about you. I hate your tee shirts. Okay, that’s a lie. (Jack wore a tee shirt today that said “Stereotypes are a timesaver”. Ha!)

I started off strong, finishing 2 rounds in the first minute. I knew, however, that pushups were going to get progressively more and more challenging. Thus, my goals were: 1. Proper form for all movements; 2. Unbroken pull-ups and air squats; and 3. A minimum of 6 unbroken pushups at the beginning of each round of said pushups.

I knew I had done more than 20 rounds the last time we did this WOD, but I had forgotten that I had placed my score on the whiteboard. My previous score was 21 + 9 pull-ups.

As Jack suggested, I did indeed drop from the bar after doing pull-ups to begin pushups. What I also did was take a few steps backwards, and at Jack’s suggestion I quit doing that after the first 4 or so rounds. I remained focus on myself most of the time. Damn it, Punky, make sure you squat below parallel so I don’t have to waste my energy yelling at you! I only spoke on one other occasion, and that was to state, “Damn pushups!” I meant it.

Will shouted once as well, when he achieved a new PR. Congratulations, Will! It was funny to hear Jack say “Keep going, Will!” Evidently, Will had stopped.

I completed all pull-ups and air squats unbroken, completed the first 10 minutes of pushups unbroken, completed the last 10 minutes in reps of 7 & 3 or 6 & 4, completed close to 12 rounds by the 10-minute mark, and completed 22 rounds + 5 pull-ups & 6 push-ups, i.e., 22 rounds + 11 reps. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and Michael Kelley, that’s a PR.

As we finished the WOD with 10 minutes left to the hour, we all sat around and chatted. Doug joined the conversation. I mentioned that my abs were sore from having done 150 GHD sit-ups 2 days before and Doug said, “That’s dumb.” “No,” I said, “That’s stupid.” “Who told you to do Annie?” Doug asked. I avoided eye contact while pointing in Jack’s direction. When I did look in his direction, he was pointing at Renee—who was wearing a very sheepish grin across her face. It was then that I recalled that it was Renee’s idea! Glad I wore my short shorts today, Renee. Revenge!


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