Yesterday was a rest day. Well, kind of. I didn’t attend any sessions at CFD, but I did Week 4 of the Pull-Up Challenge. I completed the first 5 rounds as standard pull-ups, in reps of 5, 5, 5, 4, & 4. I made sure the last rep of each round was not to failure, and that my chin was well above the bar. For the remaining 15 rounds, I alternated with RH over/LH under & LH over/RH under. I completed 4 reps rounds 6 – 11, 3 reps rounds 12 – 17, 4 reps rounds 18 & 19, and 3 reps the last round. Total reps = 76.

I coached yesterday’s endurance WOD, a 20-minute (originally 22-minute) partner (alternating rounds) WOD of 9 burpee “box” tire jumps, 200m run, 9 tire jump throughs (2 jumps/rep). At 10 and 17 minutes, reps were decreased to 7 and 5, respectively. It was ungodly hot and humid. We spent 15 minutes using the foam roller, and it was painfully good.


Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the weighted pull-up. As you can see from the photo, my hands haven’t completely healed yet. Stop yelling at me already! I know I probably shouldn’t have done the pull-up challenge yesterday, and probably shouldn’t have done weighted pull-ups today.

I wore my weight vest, and performed 1 rep of 35 & 40. I then wore a 20 lb kettle bell around my waist—okay, between my legs—and completed 1 rep of 60. I added more weight to the vest, and completed 1 rep of 65. My chin was above the bar for all reps.

Today’s WOD included walking dumb bell lunges (wonderful!) and maximum rep pull-ups (miserable!), so I opted to go solo. I don’t enjoy doing WODs solo, and particularly not benchmark WODs. Renee invited me to do “The Chief” with her and a few others. While I felt welcomed by Renee, I did not feel welcomed by one of the others. Jack suggested “Annie”. For a lawyer, Jack is smart. He’s still my least favorite Wiggen. I debated doing Abmat or GHD sit-ups (you know where this is going) and decided to do GHD sit-ups.


50, 40, 30, 20, 10 double unders and sit-ups

I’ve only done this WOD once, and it was shortly after joining CFD and when I was still struggling mightily with double unders. At the time, Jack and I were the only two to attempt doing GHD sit-ups, and he kicked my ass. This isn’t the only reason he’s my least favorite Wiggen.

Will was kind enough to count down from 10 and start the stop watch for me. Uhm, yeah, so I began doing GHD sit-ups and not double unders. After I had completed about 15 or so GHD sit-ups, Jack hovered over me and said, “You were supposed to start with double unders, but that’s okay. Go ahead and do it in this order.” I ever so briefly contemplated stopping and starting over again, but instead continued. In retrospect, I would have much rather begun with double unders…

I completed 50 GHD sit-ups unbroken, round of 40 in reps of 25, 10, & 5, and remaining rounds of 30, 20, and 10 in reps of 10. It was a struggle, but I nonetheless ensured that I touched the floor at bottom and toes at top of each rep. I failed after about 3 or 4 dus for each round, but then strung them together nicely. During my round of 40, Griff was under the impression that I needed to be cheered for. I don’t like to be watched. I don’t like it at all. Griff said, “Come on, Paul. Yeah! Nice, Paul!” I failed at rep 31 and said, “Don’t cheer for me, Griff.” (Yes, I know I cheer for everyone else, but this doesn’t mean that I like to be cheered for.) I completed the WOD in 11:48.

Zac & Meg!

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