Endurance, LMFGO, Community, and Dukies

An exhausting and rewarding day! I arrived at CFD early so that I could measure and mark 100m on the field behind the gym. My good friend Jay was one of the first to arrive, as I knew he would be. (I threatened to break up with him if he didn’t.)

About a dozen or more athletes attended the 9am endurance session that I coached. As there were 2 newbies, we spent time on form and then completed drills. The WOD itself was very difficult, as I knew it would be.

Every minute on the minute for 10 to 16 minutes run 100m and rest in remaining time.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It was not, and it was a true test of endurance. A couple of athletes rested a few rounds, i.e., didn’t start every minute on the minute, and 4 completed all 16 rounds. Well done! Who were those athletes, you ask? Well, in order of who I like the most to who I like the least: Chad, Nick, Kristen (I like them all an equally incredible amount), and Michael Kelley.

As I ran all 16 reps whilst shouting direction and looking at my iPhone stop watch to keep track and yell time, I got quite a good workout myself.

Special shout-out to Channa. I promise I can make you sprint better and faster. Another shout-out to Jay. Your form has improved significantly, you’re running much, much faster. We just need to improve endurance! (Funny, Mary Ann also said that you need to improve your endurance.)

Ryan led the 10am session, and I had the honor and pleasure of joining Erin and Kristen for a 3-person team WOD. Our team name was LMFGO. (Figure it out yourself.)

As I was warming up, a fellow CrossFitter asked, “Are you on a team?” I replied, “Yes, my team is awesome!” She then asked, “Are you doing the WOD by yourself?” Ha, ha!

I will readily admit that I was a weak link for HSPUs and power cleans. I did pull my weight for pull-ups and box jumps. Here are the details.

In teams of 3, with only one person working at any time, complete the following as quickly as possible:
50 handstand pushups
100 hang power cleans (155/105)
150 pull-ups
200 box jumps (24/20)

We determined our strategery (yes, strategery) and order. I let Erin and Kristen know that I was going to do HSPUs Rx, thus I wouldn’t be able to do very many unbroken. I also set a goal to power clean my current, albeit not accurate, power clean 1RM of 135 lb.

I completed probably no more than 10 HSPUs.

I was the first to start the round of hang power cleans, and it was a freaking mess. The bar felt very lopsided, and I thought that I must be pulling more with my right arm. After completing 4 or 5 shitty hang power cleans, I put the bar down so that I could decrease the weight. Ryan was kind enough to assist, and here’s what we discovered: I had pulled 2, 45 lb plates from the stack, but I didn’t look at the plates to make sure the weights were correct. One of the plates was 35 lb, and that’s why the bar felt so lopsided! I replaced the 35 with a 45 lb plate, and completed my remaining reps cleaning 135 lb. Still not pretty, but showing improvement.

I also made a huge blunder in that when Kristen finished her 50th power clean, I did 20 pull-ups. Uhm, we weren’t supposed to do pull-ups until we completed 100 power cleans. I finished 20 pull-ups only to turn around and notice that Kristen and Erin were still doing power cleans. I glanced at the whiteboard and noticed my mistake.

For those of you keeping score at home, we did not count the 20 pull-ups.

We finished cleans, and then finally began pull-ups.

I’m somewhat competitive. (This may be an understatement.) I began the round of pull-ups and completed 15. Erin went next, and as she and Kristen were using bands, it took them some time to transition. So that we could keep up our pace, I would complete as many pull-ups as possible after both Erin and Kristen completed theirs. In other words, the order was Paul-Erin-Paul-Kristen-Paul-Erin, etc.

I also ran out of athletic tape and no one else had any with them. Yup, I tore my right hand. I tore it reeeeeeal good.

The order for box jumps was Erin, Kristen, and then me. We all did reps of 10 box jumps, although I did 20 my first round. I was feeling exhausted and spent, and I even missed a box jump! Why? Because folks began arriving for the Community WOD, and I was thinking about how I was going to have to modify the WOD as so many were already in attendance.

We finished in twenty-some minutes and some seconds.

There was a very large group in attendance for the Community WOD, including Jeff, Tegan, Rick, Lauren, Keith, Paul, and many faces I recognized from bootcamp. I had originally planned on teaching pull-ups. Given that open gym and the mobility WOD were also taking place, not only could I not teach pull-ups, but I had to coach in the very warm room next door. When I requested that the mobility WOD coach make room for all of us, he gave me attitude. He’s an asshole. His name is Michael Kelley, and I hate him.

Today’s WOD was a 12-minute AMRAP of 5 pushups, 10 kettle bell swings, 15 Abmat sit-ups, and 20 air squats.

Whew! I was exhausted and hungry, but it was already time to coach another session. Earlier in the week, Dave asked if I would coach a group of Duke MBA students. “I’d be delighted!” was my reply. There were greater than 20 in attendance, and they completed a partner WOD, with 1 person performing an exercise while the other rested. 15-minute AMRAP of 10 push-ups, 10 Abmat back extensions, 10 box jumps, 10 Abmat sit-ups, and 10 air squats. The students were very participatory, and seemed to enjoy themselves. (Dave, I sent many people your way. Feel free to give them my email as well.)

One thought on “Endurance, LMFGO, Community, and Dukies

  1. Paul, when your hand isn’t oozing or bleeding anymore, use super glue to keep your torn skin together. I ripped off a callous the other day and I’ve basically had a super glue callous in its place for the last couple days. It’s allowed me to have a functional hand, especially important for WODs. Reapply as necessary when it cracks. The stuff was made originally as a field suture, so it’s designed to hold skin together!

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