Tight abs…

… tight ass.

I think I’ve discovered the cause of my adductor pain: overhead squats. I was somewhat hobbling yesterday afternoon, and had considered resting today. Yesterday evening I went for a relatively easy 15-mile bike ride on the American Tobacco Trail, and this active recovery helped considerably. Yeah, active recovery! Boo, 100+ degree weather.

Jack led us through a somewhat grueling warm up.

Jack: Everybody grab a medium-sized kettle bell.

Me: Should the kettle bell be of medium weight or just of medium size?

Lawyers tend to use intentionally ambiguous language.



I had hoped to complete presses in my Corner of Shame, but when I went to set up my bar Griff informed me that he and Max were using that platform. “See, our stuff is already there!” Griff whined. Then he looked longingly at Max, as (as expected) Max had already removed his shirt. I’m going to bitch slap both of them sometime very, very soon. Jack suggested that I work with Punky. “I don’t want to work with Punky, Jack. I want to work by myself today.” Why? Because I didn’t want to feel rushed. I set up a rack on the floor, and as I was finishing doing so Troie asked, “Can I work in with you, Paul?” First, Troie, it’s “may” not “can”. Regardless, I said, “No, I’m working by myself. Get your own damn rack.” Some days I just wish I weren’t so damn popular. Today was one of those days.

Dave had posted that we were to use approximately 50% of 1RM. As my 1RM (determined just last week) was 130 lb, I pressed 65 lb for first round of 10. I then easily pressed 115 lb. I asked Jack, “Should I go heavier for second round of 10 presses?” He replied, “Most people are going a little heavier. You can if you like.” Do I look like most people, Jack? Do I? We all know that I don’t give into peer pressure either. I increased weight to 75 lb for second and last rounds of 10. Damn you, peers! I lifted 125 lb, up until just last week my 1RM, for second heavy press. I was debating what weight to lift for final round, and I once again asked for Jack’s guidance. I informed him that I had pressed 130 last week. He suggested that I match that or go slightly heavier. I put 135 lb on the bar, took a deep breath, tightened my abs and my ass, and easily pressed the weight above my head. I held it above my head for quite some time, as Jack was assisting Kristen and I wanted him to see. I could contain my excitement no longer and yelled, “Jack, 135 lbs! A new PR!” He scoffed at me. Or he may have smiled. It’s hard to tell sometimes with Jack.

While getting ready for the met-con, Jack approached me and said, “That’s a milestone.” “Why?” I asked. He replied, “Because you pressed 135 lb. You put 2, 45 lb plates on a 45 lb bar, and that’s 135 lb. That’s why it’s a milestone.” I, however, had put 2, 10 lb and a 25 lb plate on both ends of the bar. Jack next pointed in Troie’s direction as Troie was completing his last press. “I know,” I said, “Troie is strong.” “Look at the weight he’s lifting.” I did. “I know, Jack, Troie is strong.” Jack finally pointed out what I should have figured out. “He’s pressing 135 lb, the same weight that you just pressed.” I made sure to make Troie aware of this. I said, “Troie, be sure to tell all of your friends that some middle-aged, gay, skinny guy pressed the same weight that you did today. Tell them repeatedly.” I love teasing Troie. I’d like teasing him more if he’d wear a shirt.


3 rounds for time of the following:

10 OHS (135/95)

50 double unders

Yeah, 135 lb. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Jack and I agree upon 75 lb, as this was 10 lb heavier than the weight I used for 100 OHS just last week. I placed a medicine ball beside my space (for squatting down to) and prepared myself. My heart was pounding rapidly due to my increasing anxiety. We began, I snatched the bar overhead and did 10 OHS unbroken. I focused on pushing my hips back and locking my arms. Jack watched closely. I completed the first round of dus in reps of 49 and 1. I steeled myself, grabbed the bar, snatched it overhead and did another 10 OHS unbroken, yet ugly. I did the second round of dus in reps of 20, 20, and 10 (or thereabouts). I steeled myself yet again, grabbed the bar, snatched it overhead, and did the last round of 10 OHS unbroken. While I was very tempted to drop the bar after 7, I somehow had the resolve to not do so.

Okay, a moment of honesty. There was a visitor to the gym, and I observed his incredible OHS form – and speed. While he wasn’t lifting 135, he was certainly lifting a heavier weight than was I. I picked up my rope for the final round of dus and noticed that he had already started. “I have some catching up to do!” I thought. I completed last round of dus in reps of 20, 15, 10 and 5 (or thereabouts). I yelled time at 4:32. He finished dus shortly thereafter – and then began last round of OHS. It appears that while he was fast with OHS, he wasn’t as fast with dus.

I have an incredibly large ego. There, I said it.

I rested for about 10 minutes, and then did week 3 of pull-up club. At Phillip’s suggestion (insistence, chastisement) I wore a 10 lb weight vest. I completed 5 reps for the first 4 rounds, 11 rounds of 4 reps, and 5 rounds of 3 reps. For whatever reason, rounds 6 and 8 were only 3 reps, while the last 2 rounds were 4 reps. Total 79.


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