Rowing, dipping, & coaching.

I’m still experiencing some lower back pain, so I spent much time rolling it out. And it was painfully good. As I had CFD to myself, I blasted the OCR of “Spring Awakening”. (Jeff and I saw the original cast on Broadway, including Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. Amazing.)

4 rounds for time of the following:

Row 500m

21 ring dips

I wanted to work the legs and arms, and this did the trick. I averaged 1 stroke/10m, i.e., 50 strokes/500m. I kept pace below 1:50/500m. I completed first round of rings dips unbroken, second round in reps of 11 and 10, third round in reps of 6, 5, 5, & 5, and last round in reps of 5, 5, 4, 4, & 3. Total time 13:29.

I had a tremendous amount of fun coaching the 10 and 11am sessions. We warmed up with shoulder pass throughs and “moving” squats. Next, pairs traded off rowing for 1 minute and completing ring dips. I spent time reviewing proper rowing form, and rowers stroked on my command (stroke, 2, 3, stroke, 2, 3). I was pleased that most (not you, Scott) averaged 25 s/m or less. No one counted ring dips, as the focus was on form. All did 3 rounds of rowing/dipping, with a brief pause during transition.

We then reviewed power clean progressions and box jumps form. Last night I watched far too many videos of power cleans on youtube. Yup, I dreamt of power cleans all last night…

Dave programmed today’s WOD, and (as I let him know) me likey.

5 rounds of the following NOT for time:

3 power cleans — heavy

6 box jumps — high

I allowed 30 minutes, and I was glad that I did. It was nice to not have to race the clock, and to instead focus on form. Heavy weights were lifted, and very high boxes were jumped. Well done, all! (If I recall correctly, Anna, Amy, Kristen, Kristen, Emily, Jay, Josh, Patrick, Maggie, Erin, Jen, Alison, Scott, Justin, Nate, Melissa, Brad, Paul, Troie, and Jayme. Who am I missing? I’ll update as I recall.)

My latest diatribe (a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism). Why is it that male CrossFitters insist upon working out shirtless? Yes, I have occasionally taken off my shirt, and those few times have been when it’s been ungodly hot outside and/or I’m sweating so profusely that my shirt is drenched with sweat and is no longer helping cool me down. There are quite a few CFers, however, that take off their shirts before they even begin to work out, let alone break a sweat. Unless you’re sweating profusely, a shirt will help wick away the sweat, and will actually keep you feeling cooler for a longer period of time.  AND, most if not all of the CFers look far better wearing a shirt. I’ll name names if you like. Keep the damn shirts on!

If I ever open a CF, I will have this sign posted:

I will, however, have this sign posted:

5 thoughts on “Rowing, dipping, & coaching.

  1. well, i’m not a guy, but i have been known to take my shirt off during a wod, for several reasons…1) i feel constricted, i can’t stand clothes that move when i work out so tshirts are definitely out of the question. i guess i just feel like a shirt hinders my movement at times 2) i have issues with exercise induced asthma and taking my shirt off makes me feel like i can breathe better. i know it doesn’t actually help me breathe better but it feels that way so i do it 3) sometimes its just too damn hot for a shirt, and you can use it as a sweat rag once you take it off

    i’m thinking maybe for the guys it’s a primal thing. cavemen didn’t fight saber tooth tigers with their shirts on. i mean, i have no proof, but i’m pretty sure 🙂

  2. I’m pro-shirts off. Especially for Anna. And for Ryan. GodDAMN. On Friday, he came in from running all shirtless and sweaty. It made me have special feelings.

  3. Anna, understandable. What I don’t understand, though, is why someone would take off their shirt — just to be shirtless!
    Amy, also understandable.
    How about if the three of us decide who gets to take their shirts off and who has to keep their shirts on?

  4. Anna, I’m pretty sure if a caveman saw a sabertooth tiger coming at them, and they were wearing a t-shirt, or even a suit and tie, they would not take the time to remove their shirt before tearing the thing’s teeth out. Time is of the essence in a situation like that. Once the sabertooth tiger had been subdued, though, most cavemen would then remove their shirt just to revel in their manliness.

  5. As one who sometimes takes my shirt off (but not all of the time), I like Anna feel constricted sometimes (what I get for insisting on wearing medium t-shirts instead of large). Other times I am fucking hot. Every now and then it is a primal “I am pissed that this weight is not behaving and moving in a way that I like so the shirt is coming off and that will teach it a lesson”.

    I do not however remove my shirt before WOD’s unless it is a team WOD and I’m on T-roy and Max’s team. In that case it is a sign of team unity. I absolutely never remove my shirt and my shorts like Max. That is simply not cool.

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