500 Double Unders

The weather in Jersey City is gorgeous! There is a park/pier beside the hotel, so I worked out outside this morning — and I wasn’t the only one doing so, including a group of women being led by a man through what appeared to be a boot camp. They were running, doing sit-ups, planks, modified pushups, and other activities. 

Uhm, I was frequently stared at. 

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes: 25 double unders and run remaining time. 

To make it even more challenging, if I failed before doing at least 10 double unders I had to start over AND I ran to the same 2 stopping points on the pier. Thus, the slower I completed double unders the faster I had to run in order to reach starting location for next round of dus. I was able to complete at least 10 rounds of dus unbroken, including the last 3 rounds. Yes, dus became increasingly more difficult, but as this was an endurance workout this was to be expected. 

I rested 3 minutes. As I was doing so, 2 of the boot campers approached me and 1 of them said, “Great job on the double unders! You made them look far too easy.” 

I next completed 8 reps of sprinting @ 95% effort and running backwards for recovery. I ran a “U”, so I ran 4 reps in both directions. I completed in 8:54. 

There was a young man stretching and then doing pushups, and I noticed his lack of range of motion. You probably know what I did. I approached him and said, “May I offer a suggestion? You can say ‘no’ and tell me to mind my own business.” He welcomed the feedback, and I demonstrated proper form, i.,e., chest to the ground, elbows close to the body, tight abs and glutes, etc.  He gave it a try, and his form was much improved. He said, “Wow, that’s much more difficult than the way I was doing it. Do you work out here every morning?” I explained that I was from out of town, and he told me he was attempting to become an amateur boxer, and was interested in some intense cardio. CrossFit NYC! 

One thought on “500 Double Unders

  1. I can relate 100% to the comment about how the push ups are much harder with arms by the side versus at shoulders and out…that is why I can’t do them YET!!…YET is the word that one day will be replaced with YES!!!!

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