“Paul’s on top?”

I had the pleasure of attending an evening session at CrossFit908, my CrossFit home away from home. It was wonderful seeing Tim & Erin, Coach Pat, Jay, Ron, Brian, no-longer-sporting-long-hair Jason, and Jimmy. 

Tim kicked ass at the CrossFit Games Regionals, and at one point was ranked as high as third. I know a celebrity. 

Okay, about today’s workout… Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive early, due to traffic, and didn’t have an opportunity to warm up. You know what? Life’s like that sometimes. I could’ve waited until a later session, but I chose not to. 

CF908 is focusing on diet for the month of July, so today was a baseline workout that will be completed again at the end of the month. I may have to plan a visit! 

10-minute AMRAP of the following:
5 burpees with jump on 45 lb plate
10 box jumps, 24″
15 wall ball shots, 10′ target, 20 lb medicine ball

Tim reviewed the very strict standards. 

For burpees, nipples had to touch the floor, both feet had to land on plate at the same time, hips had to be extended, and you had to pause at the top of the plate. 

For box jumps, you had to extend hips and pause at the top of the box. 

For wall ball shots, you had to squat to wall ball, i.e., your ass had to touch a medicine ball placed on the floor, and the ball had to touch the wall above the 10′ mark. 

Tim was reviewing form one last time. 

Tim: Pause on top of plate. 
Me: Paul’s on top?
Tim: Yes, pause on top of plate. Also pause on top of box.
Me: Paul’s on top?
Tim: Yes, pause on top. 
Me: (while pointing to myself) Paul’s on top?
Tim: (finally getting it) Yes, Paul’s on top!

I first had the pleasure of counting for and judging Erin. She’s phenomenal! Her box jump form is exceptional in that she jumps off of the box quickly, lands on the balls of her feet, and quickly jumps back up. This is a skill I most definitely need to work on improving. in addition, after throwing the wall ball she would reach out ever so briefly to touch the wall in front of her and regain her balance. 

Back to me. This WOD was much, much more difficult than I thought it would be. Jay was my judge, and he had the pleasure of yelling “No rep!” on more than one occasion. 

I began the burpees at a very fast pace, and Jay had to remind me to, you guess it, pause on top until he counted the rep. I also couldn’t just jump back to start next rep, but instead had to step back. Nonetheless, burpees were the easiest part of the WOD. 

I missed 2 box jumps during first round. Huh? Remaining rounds were done unbroken and with no missed attempts. 

I usually enjoy wall ball shots, but today was a poopy mess. Why? Because squatting to the medicine wall actually slowed me down, as I usually squat more deeply than the medicine ball allowed. The medicine ball acted as a brake. I also missed at least 10 or so attempts, even throwing a few air balls. Huh? Even though a missed a few attempts, I completed the first round unbroken. That was the only round in which I did so. 

In fact, I was very, very close to completing my final round of 15, when I missed the 10′ target on the 14th shot. With 7 seconds lefts, I let the ball drop to the floor and walked away from the wall. I felt d-e-f-e-a-t-e-d. 

I completed 4 rounds + 5 burpees, 10 box jumps, and 13 wall ball shots. 

As everyone else was weighing themselves for Tim to record, I stepped on the scale. I weighed a whopping 144.4 lbs. Yes, it appears I’ve lost about 5 lbs, and I had a feeling this was going to happen. I’ve been so obsessed with keeping a lower body weight that weighing 150 lbs kinda freaked me out. Whether it’s happening consciously (likey) or subconsciously (also likely), I’ve been eating less than I’m used to eating, and I appear to have lost some of my voracious appetite. For example, I had a bowl of cereal @ 7, a grilled chicken and avocado sandwich, banana, and sour cream donut for lunch @ 2, and falafel pita, sweet potato fries, and a 1/4 cup of rice pudding @ 8:30. That’s less than half of what I would typically eat during a normal day. 


I'm to the far right, judging Brian. I'm sweaty.

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