Fraternical Twins

Today was yet another busy & exciting day at CFD! I began my workout by practicing dead-hang muscle-ups & back levers. I then completed a PP original WOD.

5 rounds for time of the following:

25 GHD back extensions

Run 200m

25 GHD sit-ups

25 double unders

My 2 goals were to do all rounds unbroken and to complete the WOD in 20 minutes or less. I got this close to achieving both goals. Alas, I faltered where I thought I was least likely to — the double unders!

I did complete all 5 rounds of GHD back extensions and GHD sit-ups unbroken, and kept myself honest regarding form. How so? I made sure that my chest went well above horizontal at the top & that I touched the floor with both hands at the bottom of the back extensions. For sit-ups, I made sure that I locked my knees and touched my toes at the top & that 1 hand touched the ground at the bottom.

For whatever reason, I lost my rhythm during the 3rd round of double unders, and had to restart at least 5 times. Huh? I did first 2 rounds in reps of 5 and 20. Again, huh? I did last 2 rounds unbroken. If I hadn’t faltered so much, I’m certain I could’ve completed in 20 minutes or less. Instead, I completed in 20:24.

I then coached the 10 and 11 am sessions. We first focused on progressions for skinning the cat as well as the proper way to spot someone when they’re doing a ball-up on the rings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have nearly as much time to work on this as I would have liked…

(When Dave sent weekly WODs, today’s skill work what to have focused on running drills. I politely let him know that I didn’t want to be know as “that guy” who only focuses on running, and he kindly let me choose today’s skills. I’m pretty badass on the rings, by the way.)

Athletes completed WOD in teams of 2 or, in the case of McKell, Chris, and Kerry, a team of 3, with McKell and Chris completed the rounds together.

1o rounds for time of the following: 10 thrusters (115, 75), 10 pull-ups, 400m run. Person A completed thrusters, Person B did pull-ups, Person A ran 400m, Person B did thrusters, etc. Kristen & Troie posted the fastest time during the 10 am session, and Jack and Jason posted the fastest time for the 11 am session. Jack, look up when you run! Weight in your heels!

My friends Tegan and Ken visited CFD, and completed a modified WOD consisting of box jumps instead of thrusters and push-ups instead of pull-ups. Nice job, you 2 lovebirds!

Tegan and Ken, along with myself and the Kelley brothers, attended Ashley Thompson Denton’s coaching “circle”, wherein she teachifies us abouts proper forms and alls. Today’s focus was the press, push press, and press jerk. Way to coachify, ATD!

Whilst departing CFD, a discussion ensued regarding the Kelley brothers. I attempted to communicate that Thomas and Michael were not identical but rather fraternal twins. I instead said, “Thomas and Michael are fraternical.” I think I may have invented a new word. AND, I’m pretty badass on the rings.


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