Coaching, WODding, Coaching. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Oh, Saturdays, how I love thee…

I coached the 9am endurance WOD, and we first focused on using arms whilst running; thus, I had the athletes hold 7.5 dumb bells in each hand as we moved hands to a variety of positions. This was followed by hamstring stretch and “Charlie’s Angels” drill. We ran together as a group, including 5-minute warmup, 20-minute fartlek, and 5-minute cool down. I continue to see improvement. I made sure to run at least 1 fartlek interval with each runner, and to provide specific feedback. I also had each runner critique another runner’s form and offer suggestions for improvement. We finished the day using the foam roller and focusing on glutes, hamstrings, calves, and adductors.

Ryan led the 10am session. In teams of 4, we completed the following:

Row 20 calories

30 burpees

30 ground to overhead, 40 lb each hand

30 toes to bar

100′ walking lunges, 45 lb plate overhead

50′ run

The second person could row only after the first person had finished rowing, could do burpees after the first person had completed burpees, etc. Jack, Sarah, and Linda (I think that was her name) were on my team. We discussed strategy, and Sarah and Jack suggested I go first. Just before we were to begin, Jack suggested that he go first and that I go last. I was fine with this, as Jack is a good athlete. Most days. Not today. You suck, Jack! I kid because I loathe love.

I initially had an opportunity to observe and cheer for my teammates. I encouraged Jack to row 1 calorie per stroke, and he informed me that he did — and sometimes even rowed more than 1 calorie per stroke. I also observed jack attempt and sometimes succeed at ground to overhead. He and I had discussed form prior to the workout, and he suggested placing the dumb bells between spread legs and snatching overhead. Ryan suggested placing the dumb bells outside of legs, bringing to shoulders, and push pressing overhead. Uhm, Jack, so what exactly did you end up doing? The facial hair can only make you so strong.

I set my goal to row 1 calorie per stroke, and that’s exactly what I did. When I got off of the rower Ryan commented, “Paul knows the proper form for rowing for calories.” That I do, Ryan. That I do.

I was watching Sarah complete ground to overhead when I suddenly realized that Linda had completed her round of burpees. I did 15, and observed that Linda was just beginning her ground to overhead. I thus took my sweet old time with the remaining 15 burpees, completing in reps of 5 and relaxing between rounds.

I was dreading the ground to overhead, but found them much easier to complete than I had anticipated. I completed in 6 rounds of 5 reps, resting briefly between rounds. Ryan suggested that I push and not just press (novel concept), and later suggested that I make sure I was set before push pressing. This worked. Thanks, Ryan! (Thanks, too, for allowing me to play my tunes.)

I set my goal to complete toes to bar unbroken, but dropped off of the bar after 20 and 25 reps. My forearms were aching.

Walking lunges were also surprisingly less challenging than I thought they’d be. I think I may have gotten not only heavier but stronger. I wonder if there’s a relationship between the two. Probably not.

I than ran 50′.

I can’t recall our finishing time, I just know it was faster than Jed’s and Paul Pi’s team, and that’s all that really matters. I like Paul Pi. How are you today, Jed?

I led the 11am community WOD, and the focus was on the kettle bell swings. Then, in teams of 2, participants completed 4 (I had originally planned on 5, but this was too much) rounds of 200m run, 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 airs squats, 20 lunges (10 each leg). Teammates took turns, i.e., person A ran, person B did pull-ups, Person A did push-ups, etc. Thus, each person did 2 rounds of each exercise. This was much fun, and folks seemed to enjoy themselves.

I ate lunch with Michael Kelley at Alivia’s. I like Alivia’s. How are you today, Michael Kelley?



3 thoughts on “Coaching, WODding, Coaching. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  1. Hey Paul. I am Sandra not Linda…Linda? Where did you hear that? It’s no problem. That’s a nice name…just not mine. But, change is good so you can call me Linda. That will confuse all, even me. See ya soon. Sandra….oh I mean Linda 🙂

  2. My apologies, Sandra! I’m very bad at remembering names. AND, you remind me of my piano teacher, and her name is Linda. You did an awesome job, BTW, although I wish you had taken a little longer to complete knees to elbows, as I felt pressure to power through ground to overhead. Ouch.

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