I like skinning the cat. I don’t like cleaning.

I arrived at CFD at 5:50, and Will was patiently waiting for the doors to be unlocked. I like his dedication. AT 6:05 no one had yet arrived. 6:10 and still no one. I was beginning to think that folks had heard that I was going to be coaching and decided to not attend this 6:15 session. At close to 6:15, 4 others arrived, Troie, Kristen, Holly, and another Holly. Whew! I led the group through warm-up, mobility, skinning the cat, and met-con. Kristen was kind enough to tell me that I was a great coach. That made my day!

I attended the 7:15 session, led by Doug, and there were but 3 of us in attendance, me, Jayme, and Punky.

Skill—Skin the Cat

Perform 2 skin the cats every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

I focused on keeping my core and legs straight. My form has improved. I didn’t find this to be very challenging, and, well, I shouldn’t have found it to be very challenging. The met-con was an altogether different story.

Here’s a video of me skinning the cat. Enjoy!


5 rounds for time of the following:

15 power cleans (135 lb)

30 Abmat sit-ups

Doug asked what weight I was going to lift. “Not 135, that’s for sure. Last time I did power cleans in a met-con I used the women’s prescribed weight, and I’m planning on lifting the same today, 95 lbs.” “Lift 100.” Doug replied. It was neither a command nor merely a suggestion. As I trust Doug, I offered no argument, and lifted 100 lb.

I love power cleans. (This is like saying that I hate running. See where I’m going with this?) My form needs much improvement, as I still bend my arms too soon. On the positive side, I’m glad that I’m strong enough to lift the bar using just my arms. Ha!

I completed the 1st round of power cleans unbroken, the 2nd round in reps of 10 and 5, the 3rd round in reps of 8 and 7, and the last 2 rounds in reps of 5, 5, and 5. I did have 1 failed attempt during the 3rd round, and I redid.

I completed first 3 rounds of Abmat sit-ups unbroken, and last 2 rounds in reps of 15 and 15. After having skinned so many damn cats, my abs were on fire.

I paused only to record rounds.

I finished in a time of 11:12. I was exhausted by the end, and left a trail of sweat and tears along my path.

Doug was kind enough to provide additional coaching on the clean, demonstrating when I should bend my arms. Dave was preparing to train the 8:30 class, and he added his one cent. “Look at the photos on the poster on the wall. The bottom person is Caleb. Look at the picture that’s the third from last. That’s what you should look like during that part of the lift.” I replied, “Yes, but Caleb is a professional lifter has impeccable form. I’m a middle-aged gay man exceedingly attractive. There’s a big difference between the two of us.”

Proof that I press that bar against my legs when I lift.

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