CrossFit with Friends — and Beer!

I coached the 6:15 endurance WOD this morning, and the focus was on 200m reps. To mix things up a bit, runners were told they could do no less than 8 and no more than 12 reps, that they could rest between 90 seconds and 3 minutes between reps, and that they could choose which of the reps would count as their uphill and downhill time trials (as we ran uphill to the second tree and then downhill to CFD for reps). All three runners did an awesome job, and I’m seeing consistent improvement with both Meaghan and Jamie.

I usually attend the 7:15 session on Wednesdays, but as 4 trainees (from my full-time job), Chance, Hannah, Stephanie, and Erin,  wanted to give CrossFit a try, we joined Phil for the 6pm session. Today’s focus was the clean, and as Chance knew this move he was left on his own. I spent time with Erin, Stephanie, and Hannah teaching them proper form for air squats, kettle bell swings, box jumps, pull-ups, Abmat sit-ups, Abmat back extensions, and push-ups. Time flew far too quickly and it was time for the met-con to begin.

I have been dreading this met-con since Sunday evening when Dave sent the coaches the weekly WODs, as I hate, detest, abhor, and resent kettle bell snatches.


12-minute AMRAP of the following

5 kettle bell swings right arm (53 lb)

5 KB goblet squats

5 KB swings left arm

5 KB squats

If you place the kettle bell on the floor, do 5 burpees

Coach Phil also informed us that he would make us do burpees if he found us resting too long. I heart Phil.

I watched the 6:15ers and the 5pmers perform this WOD, and I saw many people using bad form, particuarly with the KB snatches. Many people were swinging instead of pulling the KB up. Phil reminded us to think of having a zipper in front of us, and to pull the KB straight up our bodies.

As I wanted to ensure proper form, I did NOT use a 53 lb KB, but instead used 44 lb. I also planned and proclaimed my strategy, namely that I would consider 5 burpees part of the set; thus, I placed the KB on the ground after 2nd set of squats, did 5 burpees, documented my round, and started the next round. This worked very well for me, as I was able to keep up the intensity and pace without my form suffering too badly.

I was surprised by how quickly the 12 minutes passed, as I feared (as with other challenging met-cons I’ve done) that the time would draaaaaaaaaaaag.

I completed 7 rounds + 14 reps, i.e., 5 KB swings with right arm, 5 goblet squats, and 4 KB swings with left arm.

I even had fun. There, I said it. I won’t say it again.

Chance kicked ass, as did Stephanie, Erin, and Hannah (although the women completed KB swings and push-ups). We were a sweaty mess by the end of the met-con, and very thirsty. What better way to quench that thirst than with a beer from Fullsteam Brewery! Chance was kind enough to treat. Thanks, Chance!

I’m very much looking forward to coaching the 6:15ers tomorrow morning, as this will be my first time coaching friends that I normally work out with. We shall see.

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