Pull-ups Galore!

Jack eventually (more in a moment) led today’s session, and the focus was on pull-ups.

I arrived @ 5:55, unlocked CFD (as I now have a key) and began my warm-up as others eventually arrived. Jack and I talked just this past Tuesday about my early arrival, and I assured him that I would arrive no later than 6 on days when I was attending 6:15 WOD. Thus, he need not arrive 15 minutes early, and he could get an additional 15 or more minutes of sleep if he so desired. I’m that kind of guy. I’m a giver, not a taker. That and the nuns at St. Joseph’s Catholic School taught me to never, ever be late. “Early is on time. On time is late.”

At about 6:15, Audrey, Max, Griff, Renee, and even Troie began asking, “Are you leading today’s session?” Note that those five words were said many different manners. Most frequently, there was an emphasis on “you”. Haha! It was 6:20, and still no Jack. I asked Audrey if she’d like to join me for a shoulder warm-up, and she agreed to do so. I said, “Audrey and I are warming up, and anyone who’d like to join us may do so.” Most did just that. We completed walking lunge pass throughs, reverse walking lunge pass thoughts, push-ups, and 6-count burpees.

I then led the group through the strength session.

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
5 pull-ups
L-pull-ups (elite)
Strict or weighted (advanced)
Kipping (intermediate)
Banded (beginner)

I completed the first round strict, and the second round with 25 lbs.

I texted Jack during the brief pause.
Me: U coming?
Jack: Yes. Alarm didn’t go.
Jack is excused, as prior to today he has NEVER been late! He does, however, owe me a big-ass cup of coffee.

Back to the pull-ups… For the third round, I decided to at least give L-pull-ups a try, and was delighted (yes, delighted!) that I was able to do so. I completed the remaining rounds as L-pull-ups, and completed all rounds unbroken and within 15 seconds. That’s 50 freaking pull-ups. Good thing the metcon didn’t include pull-ups. Oh, wait, it did…

12-minute AMRAP of the following
4 chest to bar pull-ups
6 push-ups
8 broad jumps

Jack arrived prior to the metcon. This is a Paul WOD. Paul Pi, perhaps, but not Paul Po, as I am not very skilled at broad jumps. I blame Colin. And Michael Kelley.

Chest to bar pull-ups are my bitch. Chest to floor push-ups have been my bitch for quite some time. I did consistently jump about the same distance each broad jump. I left a trail of sweat as proof.

About midway through the metcon, Jack said, “Good job, Craig.” Since Jack said “good job” I assumed he was talking to me, so I said, “Thank you, Jack!” His reply? “Nice job, Paul.” I take my coffee with extra cream.

My goal was to complete 12 rounds – and ALL rounds unbroken. My goal was to also complete the metcon shirtless. I surpassed my goal in that not only did I complete all rounds unbroken, I completed a total of 13 rounds. I’m that kind of guy. In other words, I’m not a sandbagger. Take that, Phillip! I also look very good when not wearing a shirt. Or pants.

Upon completing the metcon, Jack commented on my trail of sweat — that he mistakenly thought was tears.

We had extra time, so Audrey was kind enough to allow me to video record her running style and to provide a quick analysis. You’re extending your leading foot too far out in front of you Audrey, and you need to bend from the ankles and not the waist.

The following is a conversation that took place between Max, Troie, and yours truly.

Troie: Are you going to be here Saturday at 9 to do my birthday WOD?
Me: I’m coaching at 9, but I plan on doing your birthday WOD at 10. As you’re doing the WOD at 9 I’ll know what time I have to beat. Not that you’re any competition.
Max: What’s the WOD?
Troie: Jumping air squats, plyo push-ups, Abmat sit-ups, and some other things. The Abmat sit-ups are going to be challenging.
Me: I’m going to do GHD sit-ups instead.
Max: Why?
Me: That’s how you separate the men from the Troies.

Jack, I don’t particularly care for flavored coffee. French Roast, please. Large with extra cream.

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