Dead-lift, Wall Ball, Box Jumps, HRPUs

There were 13 in attendance at the 10 am session, including 3 who were as unfamiliar with the dead-lift as I am with snatch. Most of the remaining folks partnered with someone. I had a specific goal in mind, so I went solo (rogue, some might even say).

1 @ 285
1 @ 295
1 @ 305
1 @ 315
1 @ 330 (PR)
2 failed attempts @ 335

Dead-lifts felt solid today! My previous 1RM was 320. I made sure to not attempt 320 today, but instead to challenge myself with a 10 lb PR. I feared that if I lifted 320 that I wouldn’t be able to lift any heavier. I lifted 330 knowing that if I failed I could then attempt 325. I even managed to get the first attempt @ 335 just below the knees. I only rested a couple of minutes before the second failed attempt, as everyone else was setting up for the metcon.

Today’s metcon was quite challenging.

5 rounds for time of the following:
25 wall ball shots, 10′ target
20 box jump, 24″
15 hand release push-ups

We were told that the metcon should be completed in less than 20 minutes. I didn’t know if this could be accomplished.

The only round that I completed unbroken was the first round. Wall ball shots were particularly challenging today, as the 10′ mark is now on the wall, and my goal was to hit above the target. I had quite a few failed attempts, and I counted none of them.

Even box jumps were problematic, maybe because we jumped boxes yesterday. While slower than first round, I did complete the last round unbroken, as Troie and I were neck and neck until almost the finish.

I did most rounds of HRPUs in sets of between 5 and 10. I completed the last set in reps of 10 and 5, and have Brad to thank for encouraging me to fight through the pain. (Brad, you may not have been working hard enough if you had enough energy to encourage me and do HRPUs. I’m just saying.)

Time 16:35

I then met with Ashley, Brad, and Kristen, and led them through some running drills and a 6 x 200m endurance WOD. Nice work, everyone!


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