The Most of the Bost — and McKee!

I had planned on attending the 6:15 session this morning, but (after repeatedly selecting Snooze on the iPhone), decided to attend the 7:30 session instead. I got out of bed, walked down the stairs, opened the back door for Xander, and reclined on the coach. And then fell soundly back to sleep. When I finally awoke, I decided that my body and mind were telling me to rest today instead of tomorrow.

Early this afternoon I felt the urge to post to Phillip’s wall. I couldn’t think of anything witty to say, so I posted “Are you coaching tonight @5?” Phillip replied, “I yam.” He was probably expecting me to make a witty comment about potatoes, but I instead posted, “I will be there, Popeye. Be sure to eat your spinach.”

Phillip is a great (not merely good) coach, and I truly enjoyed today’s workout!

We began by completing 3 sets of 20 dead-lifts. Phillip informed us to lift 60% of our 1RM, and do to all reps unbroken and to not reset our hands. I, of course, wanted to make sure I focused on form. Form, consistency, and then intensity. I warmed up with 135, then loaded the bar with 192 lb. I held the bar with both hands in an overhand grip. The first set was quite challenging, and this came as somewhat of a surprise to me. I was out of breath by the time I finished the set, and was already thinking about how challenging the next 2 sets were going to be. Phillip was kind enough to say, “Good job, Paul. Your last rep was as good as your first rep.”

I rested about 3 minutes and completed the second set, this time with my right hand holding the bar with an underhand grip. I increased the speed while still focusing on form. While more challenging than the first set, I completed all 20 reps unbroken and with generally good form.

I rested about 3 minutes and then completed the third set with right hand once again holding the bar with underhand grip. I completed the set unbroken, although the last 3 reps were particularly challenging. I was sweating and was very much out of breath. Sarah noted that I wasn’t beginning each lift with my shoulder back, and she was right. I still need to focus on form!

Phillip then demonstrated how to do reverse hypers. I tried and was unsuccessful in first attempts, as my hips were not placed high enough and I was thus resting on my stomach. It hurt! Once I corrected form, I was able to complete 3 sets of 10 unbroken, with 3 sets of 10 hollow rocks between each set.

I finished the day with Tabata intervals of GHD sit-ups, Abmat back extensions, and 26″ box jumps.

I asked Phillip if we were to do true Tabata or count total, and he confirmed that we were to do true Tabata. He said, “If you do two sit-ups, and then 10, 10, 10 and so on, your total is two. So, no sandbagging.” Phillip then looked directly at me. “I’m not a sandbagger!” I exclaimed. In hindsight, perhaps I am. Read on.

I completed 9 GHD sit-ups the first set — and all remaining sets. For each of the 8 rounds, I had a few seconds to spare.

I completed 20 Abmat back extensions for the first set — and all remaining sets. I often had 5 or more seconds to spare.

I completed 9, 26″ back extensions for the first set — and all remaining sets. I completed all rounds with 3 or more seconds to spare.

Sooooo, did I sandbag? Perhaps. I could’ve probably done at least 1 more GHD sit-up and box jump, and probably 2 or more back extensions.

Total score: 38

I then attended the CFE session led by Erin. I surprised just about everyone by running shirtless. As Phillip often says, “Sun’s out, guns out.”

Today’s workout consisted of a timed 800m run. We then ran 2 x 400m with the goal of running at a faster pace, then 4 x 200m (again at a faster pace) and 8 x 100m (you guessed it, at a faster pace). We rested 5 minutes after 800m, and then rested the same amount of time it took us to run all other reps.

I ran 800m in 2:50, 400m in 1:17 and 1:21, 200m between 39 and 40, and 100m between 15 and 17. I hated the 100m runs, as the turnaround at 100m is difficult, and slows me down considerably.

As I was getting ready to leave, I shared with Phillip that I told Erin that I was a better match for her than was he, as I was both strong and fast. Phillip said, “But you don’t have any yoke.” Sarah said, “Oh,  yes he does. I saw him shirtless.” To prove that I did indeed have yoke, I took off my shirt. Phillip’s only response? “Yes, you have yoke.” Haha!

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