Jack said "good" 17 times. Yes, I kept count.

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the push-jerk. Jack led us through a warm-up, including double unders and kettle bell presses.

I haven’t attempted a push-jerk in months. I was setting up a stand-alone rack when Jack said, “Why don’t you just work in with Drew?” “Because I don’t like Drew!” I exclaimed. I acquiesced and joined Punky. (I was reluctant to work with Punky as I feared he, like most of the men-folk at the 6:15 session, would want to go heavy. Form, consistency, and then intensity is how I play this game.)

I, and then Punky, lifted the 45 lb bar. I asked, “What do you want to add to the bar, Punky?” I thought he’d suggest fifteens, but was delightfully surprised when he said “Fives”. Just 55 lb? I’ll take it! We increased weight to 65, 75, 85, and finished with 95 lb. Jack provided direction. I will admit that I asked for much direction, as I had forgotten most of what I had learned. Hand positioning? Same as for clean. Foot positioning? Not on a railroad track. Rear foot? Bend the knee. Jack had to keep reminding me to do so. After my last lift (which felt solid), Jack commented, “Try not to keep your leg so straight.” “Jack,” I said, “I usually can’t keep anything straight.”

Punky makes go-cart faces. You’ll have to ask him what that means.

12-min AMRAP of the following:
5 kb snatches (53 lb) right-arm
5 kb snatches left-arm
5 burpees

Jack and I had discussed how difficult this was going to be, and also talked about substitutions. We decided upon 50 lb single-arm kb swings. I knew this was going to be challenging, and, as I was setting up, said, “This is going to suck balls.” Craig replied, “Way to think positively, Paul.” I deserved that.

Nonetheless, this metcon sucked balls. I knew I looked like I was struggling when others (I recall Renee and Stew doing so) shouted words of encouragement. Words of encouragement to yours truly? That NEVER HAPPENS!

Yet another trail of sweat…

To add insult to injury, I set down the kb before switching from right to left hand, and only thought NOT to do so after halfway into the metcon. I demonstrated this technique as Jack observed. I said, “I’m awesome.” Jack replied, “That’s just a little better than good, and getting close to nice.”

The only part of this metcon that was easy was recording the rounds. When I was completing kb swings I was dreading burpees, and when I was completing burpees I was dreading kb swings. I was sweating profusely. 

With the exception of the time it took to record rounds, I did complete all rounds of kb swings and burpees unbroken. Jack, should I have gone heavier?

Total = 14 rounds

I was very, very close to puking, and am quite surprised that I did not do so.

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