Rocket Fuel

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the back squat. CFD is no longer doing Wendler, and I’m a little disappointed in that I’ve been in NJ the past 3 weeks and really didn’t get to give the program a college try…
I partnered with Nick, and I mainly focused on form, as I was “squatted out” after yesterday’s 50 front squats. Nick’s form has significantly improved, and he achieved a 3 rep PR. Congratulations, Nick! I also assisted Audrey on the rings with vertical ball-up holds. Keep your back straight and abs tight, and be sure to look at your belly button and not the floor. Most importantly, tell your husband that I’m going to make him an honorary member of my club. The Freedom Rainbow is in the mail.
5 rounds for time of the following:
Run 200m
10 pull-ups
Run 200m
5 power snatches
I discussed options and substitutions with Jack. I was concerned with power snatches (as I still can’t clean) and he was concerned with pull-ups (as I did 100 yesterday as well as Saturday). “No one told you to do ‘Angie’.” So sayeth Jack. He next did what I would expect a good (nice?) coach to do. He assessed my skills, and insisted that I work on a weakness. While I have many weaknesses (but no weakness for ice cream, like that fatty Michael Kelley), I am particularly poor with overhead squats. Jack directed me to place the bar on the rack, place the bar on my shoulders, press the bar, and then squat—and complete 10 OHS instead of 5 power snatches. I placed a medicine ball on the platform to ensure that I squatted deeply enough.
Given how many were in attendance this morning, I had a feeling that the pull-up bars were going to be crowded, so I suggested that I complete the metcon in the following order:
10 OHS (45 lb bar)
Run 200m
10 pull-ups
Run 200m
Jack closely monitored my form for first round of OHS, and had to remind me to widen my grip, push my hips back, and push me knees out. I said, “Thanks, Jack. This is challenging.” He replied, “Just wait until the next round. I’m going to challenge you even more.”
I love running. I love running so much that each and every time I got to run this morning I yelled, “I love running!” I made sure to encourage everyone when they were running. All rounds of running felt wonderful.
I completed the first through fourth rounds of pull-ups unbroken. I am glad that I taped my hands.
For the second and remaining sets of OHS, Jack placed a bench parallel to the rack and positioned slightly ahead of where I was squatting. He told me to squat without my knees touching the bench. This was tough, but my form immediately improved. That Jack is one smart coach. If he tried, he could probably run faster, too.
Yes, the weight was light, but I did complete all rounds of OHS unbroken.
My goal was to complete the entire metcon unbroken—and I almost did. Unfortunately, my chin did not go above the bar for the final pull-up, so I dropped to the floor, took a breath, and redid the final pull-up. I ran the last 200m, and glanced at the clock as I finished with a time of 15:01. This was challenging (OHS) and fun (pull-ups and running).
My kudos and thanks to Jack for providing excellent coaching yet again.

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