CFE 2 x 6

As I arrived early @ CFD, I had the opportunity to encourage the 5pm CFers, including Tripp, Theo, not one but two Sarahs, Erin, and the loveliest of lovelies, Amy. As a way to encourage Amy, I ran with her during a couple of her first 200m runs. As we approached the 100m mark, i.e., the bus stop, I would run ahead, turn around, and hold my hands out for her to slap. I talked to her the entire time, saying things such as don’t shuffle, lift your knees, look up and not at the ground, bend at your ankles, let gravity do the work, etc. As Amy didn’t verbally reply, I thought that I might be pissing her off. I just did indeed piss her off by ending that last sentence with a preposition. I was delighted when, as she was beginning her very last 200m run, she yelled, “Run with me, Paul!” I did just that, and it made my day.

Erin led the CFE session tonight, and she began by running us (figuratively and literally) through some drills. We then ran 3 rounds of 30 sec. (was it 1 min., Erin?) intervals counting our footsteps. I ran 120, 136, and 136 steps.

2 min w 1 min rest X 6

I forgot to start my watch, so I don’t know how far I ran the first 2 min. For remaining intervals, I ran .33, .32, .32, .33, and .33 mi., or just over 6 mpm pace. It was very hot this evening, and I added lots of twists and turns, so I’m fine with the relatively slow pace.

One thought on “CFE 2 x 6

  1. Ha ha! I didn't reply verbally because I couldn't breathe. And I believe my exact words were: “Run with me, Paul. I need you!”

    Thanks for the coaching.

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