Tim led today’s session, and there were 7 men in attendance, including yours truly, Brian, Matt, and Jay. I arrived early, and had the opportunity to watch the 4pm session of women complete “J.T.” It looked difficult. Even Erin, Tim’s spouse, struggled, and she’s very, very strong. 

I asked Brian why he dropped out of yesterday’s WOD, and he provided an elaborate excuse. I listened intently, and then said, “So, what you’re saying is that you had sand in your vagina.” Brain was the first to laugh, and we all joined in. I’m going to miss my 908 friends…

Hero WOD “J.T.”
21-15-9 of the following for time:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

Having completed this WOD at CFD, albeit not Rx, I knew what pain I was going to experience, and I wasn’t disappointed (although “disappointed” might not be the right word). Tim encouraged us to not do the workout as fast as possible, but instead to focus on form, and that’s what I did. Tim also told us to not do reps to failure.

I completed the first set of 21 HSPUs in reps of 8, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, and 1. Yes, one at a freaking time. I did make sure my head touched the ground. I was the last to finish the set, and in fact still had 7 left when the 6th person began ring dips. I quickly completed set of 21 rings in reps of 10, 9, and 21 push-ups in reps of 3. 

Set of 15 HSPUs were even more challenging, and I completed in reps (rep?) of 1. I also used 1 abmat, and I’m not sure if this helped. I had to pause for a considerable amount of time between reps, and failed at 1 attempt and had to redo. Ring dips felt easy after HSPUs, and I completed set of 15 in reps of 8, 4, and 3. Push-ups were completed in reps of 3.  

The final set of 9 HSPUs were a bitch. I contemplating quitting, but knew that I’d be accused of having sand in my vagina. I had not 1, not 2, but 3 failed attempts at 9th HSPU! When I finally did complete the last HSPU, I powered through ring dips unbroken, and push-ups in reps of 5 and 4. 

Time 21:09

I was the 2nd to call time, and this came as quite a surprise to me. My speed at completing ring dips and push-ups helped. Imagine how fast I’d be if I could successfully complete HSPUs? 

I then judged Ron as he completed 8 rounds + 5 cleans and 10 toes to bar of Open WOD #5. This looked tough. I called “no rep” on about 5 toes to bar and as many wall ball shots. After the WOD, I offered my apology and Ron let me know that he appreciated the fact that I only counted successful reps. Tim completed 10 rounds. The man is a beast! 

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