This is going to be short and sweet. Like me. Stew led today’s session, and the focus was on gymnastics skills.
75 Hollow rock (3 sets of 25)
30 V-ups (2 sets of 15)
50 Supermen (unbroken)
I did one set of hollow rock on the floor, and my coccyx began to hurt. I retrieved my Manduka yoga mat from my car.
Meaghan: You always have to use your own stuff, don’t you, Paul.
Me: Yes. This mat is thick and firm.
William: That’s what she said. Saying “That’s what she said” doesn’t really work.
Me: Unless your name is Matt.
William: Well played, Paul. Well played.
Metcon—10 and 10 for 10
AMRAP in 10 minutes of the following:
10, 50% bodyweight dead-lifts (70, I lifted 75)
10 db push press (I substituted pull-ups)
Dead-lifts were far too easy, and went very, very quickly. First sets of pull-ups were unbroken, and then my hand started to slip off of the bar—even though I repeatedly chalked. I finally resorted to using bar with tape. BIG mistake. I tore skin on the palms of my hands. I nonetheless completed most sets of pull-ups in reps of 6 and 4, and by the last sets 4, 4, and 2. A fun WOD; I only wish it lasted longer than a mere 10 minutes. 11 rounds + 10 dead-lifts.
Today’s blog is almost as boring as Michael Kelley.

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