I Got To Coach!

Colin, once again tied with Jack as my favorite coach, led today’s session, and the focus was on the handstand. There were just four of us in attendance, including Kerry, Kristen, and a late-arriving Gabe. (BTW Gabe, why are you always late?) My shoulders and quads were sore from yesterday’s push-ups and lunges, respectively. My senses of sight and sound are still sore from watching and hearing Michael Kelley plod.

Colin led us through a push-up warmup. Ouch.

I have been practicing handstands against a wall (attempting to keep one and then both feet held away from the wall for as long as possible) and occasionally with a spotter, and that’s what I had planned to do today. I should’ve known that Colin would teach a new way. (Colin also taught me the correct way to pronounce Parkour.) I began in a yoga “crow” and then pushed my head through my shoulders as I kicked my feet up. I still have a long way to go.

4 rounds for time of 400m run and 500m row

I recall doing this or a similar workout with the 6:15 group, and I most remember Stew’s “coaching”. Specifically saying to me during my third row, “Drew and Griff are catching up with you. You’d better row faster!” I already had a 400m run on the two of them, so this comment made me laugh — and slow my rowing.

Colin was gracious enough to allow me to demonstrate proper rowing form, and was humble enough to welcome my direct criticism. He (like you, Sarah) pushes his ass back before he pushes with his legs. Colin’s a very quick learner, and significantly improved by the end of the day. More about that in a moment.

Running and rowing. It doesn’t get any better! I felt strong from start to finish, and had an even split, finishing in 14:54. After I commented how much fun I had, Colin said, “I’d like to do this workout.” “Then do it with the 11 am class, Colin,” I said, “as I’ll be more than happy to hang around until after folks practice handstands and coach this workout.” Much to my delight, he said “Yes.” He might have actually said “Good.”

This also allowed me to witness firsthand the awesomeness that is one Chad “clown AND gymnastics school” Sanders. He walks on his hands! Effortlessly! Very impressive.

Colin once again allowed me to demonstrate proper rowing form for the 11 am group, that also included Jed and Brad. Colin showed me how to set the clock. I’ve forgotten everything he said.

I’m very involved when I coach, maybe even too involved. I made sure everyone was off to a good start, and gave each person her or his first 400m split time. Colin was the first to finish the run with a time of 1:28, if I recall correctly. That was 14 seconds slower than my first 400m, but who’s keeping score?

I encouraged and provided direction to folks as they rowed. Chad is a strong rower, as are Jed, Colin, and Brad (until his last 500m, that is). Colin still led the second 400m run, and I ran most of it with him. Colin still had a slight lead at the start of the third 400m run. As Chad got off of his rower and began running, I ran to and ahead of him and said, “I’m running with you, Chad. Keep up!” To which he replied, “Oh, shit.” I heard you, Chad.

Chad rowed a very strong and fast third 500m, and was the first to begin the last 400m run. I ran with Colin this time. We had run about 250m when I said, “See that bus stop, Colin? I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t start running much faster than you’re doing right now when we get there.” He did pick up his pace and nearly caught Chad.

Okay, Chad has more height (and width; yes, I said it) than Colin, and as I mentioned, he’s a strong rower. Chad called time at 15 minutes and change, and Colin called time at exactly 16 minutes. Did I mention that I finished in 14:54? Not that anyone is keeping score. My time might have been today’s fastest, but again, who’s keeping score? Certainly not me.

I absolutely love the Minimus shoes! I absolutely hate Michael Kelley.

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