The awesomeness that is Coach Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on… There really wasn’t much of a focus, as we are de-loading. I set-up a rack for press, and placed my WOD books on the platform. Stew picked up a weight bench and walked toward MY rack.

Stew: Is anyone using this rack?
Me: Yes, I am.
Stew then took my WOD book and placed it beneath a leg of the weight bench.
Stew: I heard about yesterday’s blog. There. (He pointed to my book.) I win.

Stew is such a bitch. He had better watch out or the “e” and “r” are going to removed and I’ll add an “e” on the end. Let’s see how long it takes him to determine what I mean. Chiropractors aren’t very smart.

3 x 5 press, 40% (45 lb), 50 (55), 60 (70)
Not much to be said. I focused on form, and lifts felt very easy.

I completed a back lever, and can now accurately sense when I’m parallel, i.e., I don’t have to ask anyone. Jack attempted as well. Stay stiff, Jack! (That’s what she said.)

3 rounds for time of the following:
Run 400m
21 kettle bell swings (52 lb)
12 pull-ups

The last time I completed this my time was 9:20. I couldn’t recall the time this morning, so I set goals for form instead of time. Ideally, I wanted to complete all reps of KB swings and pull-ups unbroken but would be happy if KB swings were completed unbroken.

My legs felt very tired after last night’s rowing endurance WOD, and my running was less than stellar, actually less than average. Stew’s boyfriend, Troie, sensed this, and raced me the first 400m. He beat me to the turnaround, and then I dropped him like a bag of stinky, steamy Stew. All sets of KB swings, while challenging, were completed unbroken. Yeah! My hands are still a mess from Death By Pull-ups, but I nonetheless completed first 2 sets of pull-ups unbroken and kipping. Max began the second 400m ahead of me, but I managed to catch and pass him. He’s too freaking fast on the KB swings and pull-ups, though, so I knew I still had my work cut out for me. Max had a good 50m on me before I started that last 400m and I never caught up with him, even on the downhill. Damn tired legs. Damn metal rooster. I was on my way to completing last set of pull-ups unbroken, and probably could have if there wasn’t a cluster fiesta at the pull-up bars. All but 2 stations had boxes below them and/or bands, and Max and Troie were all over the middle, high bars. I couldn’t kip without kicking them, so I did 2 sets of 6 dead-hang pull-ups. Ugh. Now that I can kip, I hate dead-hang pull-ups. Max called time first. If I didn’t like him so much I’d really hate him.

I called time at 8:52, a PR by 28 seconds. I’ll take it.

Awesome Jack and I discussed my performance afterwards. He thinks (and I agree) that I need to work on completing swings and pull-ups faster. I’m so focused on doing the skills that I’m “just not doing it.” For example, when swinging I think, “Heels grounded, swing from the hips, arms overhead, head through window” for each and every swing. For pull-ups I think, “Swing hip, arms up, arms away”. Any suggestions for improving will be greatly appreciated.

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