Modified Wittman

I attended the 5 pm session once again if for no other reason to hear Tripp laugh. He did, and on numerous occasions. I also got a great big hug from Theo. Who needs Stew? Amy Scott-Potorti, Lori, and Erin and her lovely wife Phillip were also in attendance. 

Yes, my right arm is still causing pain, so while others completed weighted pull-ups, I practiced GHD sit-ups and the front lever. 

Today was a hero WOD named after Sergeant Wittman.

7 Rounds for time:
15 KB swings (52 lb)
15 power cleans (95 lb)
15 box jumps (24″) 

I had watched this on, and knew it was going to be difficult. I also knew that I couldn’t do power cleans. Dave suggested that I do deadlifts instead. I’m getting tired of deadlifts, Dave, just so you know.

7 Rounds for time:
15 KB swings (52 lb)
15 deadlifts (165 then 135 lb; more in a moment)
15 box jumps (26″)

Since I wasn’t completing power cleans. I at the very least wanted to challenge myself with box jumps; thus the increased height. 52 lb KB swings are now somewhat easy, although I didn’t do them American style. At Dave’s suggestion, I raised my arms as high above eye level as I could without causing myself pain. KB swings were Russian-American. 

I completed the first round of unbroken. 

Second round 6, 6, and 3 dls, and the weight felt heavy, 10 and 5 swings, and unbroken jumps.

Third round 4, 4, 4, and 3 dls. I completed 2 KB swings and nearly dropped the KB, as I experienced a sharp pain in my back. Dave said, “Swings after deadlifts probably hurts your back, huh?” “Yes,” I said. (I thought, “You are a bitch for making me do deadlifts, Dave.”) “Do you want me to take off some weight?” Dave asked. “Yes,” I said. I always say “yes” and never “yeah”. I rested a moment, massaged my lower back, and completed the remaining swings, albeit in reps of 3 and 4. Jumps were unbroken.

For the remaining 5 (yes 5, and not 4) rounds, I completed dls in no less than 3 and swings in no less than 7 reps. I completed ALL box jumps unbroken. Yes, I’m that awesome.

I had been noting my rounds in my workbook, but then doubted myself, and thought I had mistakenly recorded a round I didn’t complete. I had a sense of what others were doing, and while Lori and Erin finished ahead of me so did a few others who I knew I had been besting. I should trust my math skills. Haha! I had been recording accurately, and did completed 8 rounds. 

During about the forth or fifth round, the following conversation occurred:
Phillip: Good job, Paul. Use your hips!
Me: Phillip, you sound just like your mother when you say that.
Amy: The next thing Paul’s going to say is that you sound just like his father.

Oh, Amy, you know me far too well! 

During about the fifth or sixth round, I needed to blow my nose, and did so on my Paul Frank monkey shirt. It looked like the money had hangers. I didn’t care. 

Time 21:23

This was a very tough metcon. Ouchity, ouch, ouch.

2 thoughts on “Modified Wittman

  1. I distinctly remember yelling, “flat back, Paul” during your deadlifts.
    I also distinctly remember that your back stayed round after I yelled.

    I don't feel sad about your sore back.

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