Squat Cleans

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the squat clean. Starting today, I’m completing 25 working up to 50 reps of a variety of skills. Today was GHD sit-ups, and I did complete 25 reps in succession. Tomorrow is 20 lb wall ball, Wednesday 55 lb push press, Thursday 45 lb thrusters, Friday TBD.
Squat clean:
3 reps of 75, 80, 85, 95, 105, and 115 lb
Jack observed a few rounds. I still need to focus on extending hips, increasing speed, and lifting elbows. That’s not too much, right?
20 dus & 1 (70 lb) kb swing; 18 dus and 2 kb swings … 2 dus & 10 kb swings
I discovered just yesterday that my Rx jump rope is once again broken. Ugh. I’ve “misplaced” my cable rope (i.e., I left it either at CFD or LFF), and I just couldn’t find a rope that felt right. Sounds like an excuse, I know.
I performed Russian kb swings all unbroken until last round when I completed 2 sets of 5. Dus were a big mess. Ugh again.
My biggest problem continues to be keeping track of rounds. I kept a score sheet, and that became quite cumbersome, as I paused after each round, found my pen (which had often rolled away), and checked the appropriate box.
Time: Who knows? I didn’t look, and Jack didn’t record. My bad, not his.
Kristen is going to be my “date” for the Valentine’s Day CrossFit Challenge. We are going to kick some asses.


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