C2 1K x 4 Endurance WOD & Skill Building

C2 Rower
4 reps of 1k with 4 min recovery
Damper set to 6.5
Total – 15:13.2, 235 avg watts, 28 avg s/m
3:55.2, 215 avg watts, 26 s/m
3:47.2, 239, 29
3:45.7, 244, 30
3:45.1, 247, 30

This was as challenging as some of the shorter time and distance WODs, and I found that I needed the full 4 min recovery. Goal was to row stronger and faster, and that I did. 

(While rowing, 2 personal trainers incorrectly taught their clients how to row. The first thing they both said when referring to the damper was, “This is the resistance, so you’ll want to put it at 10.” There was no mention of catch, drive, or recovery. There was no correction of poor form. Did I interrupt and redirect? Uhm, yes!)

Handstand Hold
3 x 5 sec (& 10 kipping pull-ups active rest)

3:30 with 15 sec intervals


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