Push Press, Clown Push-Ups, Back Lever — and More!

This was the first session I’ve attended that Colin led, and he’s awesome! He led us through a variety of warm-up exercises, focusing on shoulders and including my new favorite push-up: the clown push-ups. While I don’t like clowns, I do very much like this push-up. 

Push Press (Split Jerk)
Last week I determined that my 1RM was 125. 
5 x 70 lb | 55%
5 x 80 lb | 65%
5 x 90 lb | 70%
5 x 100 lb | 80%
The last 5 reps were to be 85% 1RM, 105, but I was feeling strong and Colin was confident that I could go heavier. 
5 x 115 | 92%

Brad is constantly offering “helpful” suggestions. He is always willing to provide feedback  
Me: How was that, Brad? 
Brad: You got it up, and that’s all that matters. 
Me: That’s what she said. 

10, 9, 8, … 2, 1 box jumps (24″; I jumped 28″)
1, 2, 3, … 9, 10 clapping push-ups

So, 10 box jumps & 1 push-up, 9 box jumps & 2 push-ups … 1 box jump & 10 push-ups. 

This was much fun! I can jump 28″ as easily as 24″, but jumping 30″ might’ve slowed me down. I completed all box jumps unbroken, and all clapping push-ups unbroken until last 2 rounds. I neglected to clap at the end of 3 push-ups and didn’t count them. I also lost track and may have unintentionally did an extra round near the middle. 

Time – 4:54

Colin was kind enough to demonstrate back lever. I modified my form and was able to perform with body parallel to the ground for the very first time! Yay!

It is such a beautiful day that I couldn’t resist the urge to run. I did, of course, have to make it challenging. 

Wore f-lite 195s. 2 miles wearing 25 lb weight vest and another 2 miles at 5k race pace. I even threw in a sprint the last 100m. Felt great! (I do sometimes miss running.)

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