C2 1K x 4 Endurance WOD & Skill Building

C2 Rower
4 reps of 1k with 4 min recovery
Damper set to 6.5
Total – 15:13.2, 235 avg watts, 28 avg s/m
3:55.2, 215 avg watts, 26 s/m
3:47.2, 239, 29
3:45.7, 244, 30
3:45.1, 247, 30

This was as challenging as some of the shorter time and distance WODs, and I found that I needed the full 4 min recovery. Goal was to row stronger and faster, and that I did. 

(While rowing, 2 personal trainers incorrectly taught their clients how to row. The first thing they both said when referring to the damper was, “This is the resistance, so you’ll want to put it at 10.” There was no mention of catch, drive, or recovery. There was no correction of poor form. Did I interrupt and redirect? Uhm, yes!)

Handstand Hold
3 x 5 sec (& 10 kipping pull-ups active rest)

3:30 with 15 sec intervals

Squat Cleans

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the squat clean. Starting today, I’m completing 25 working up to 50 reps of a variety of skills. Today was GHD sit-ups, and I did complete 25 reps in succession. Tomorrow is 20 lb wall ball, Wednesday 55 lb push press, Thursday 45 lb thrusters, Friday TBD.
Squat clean:
3 reps of 75, 80, 85, 95, 105, and 115 lb
Jack observed a few rounds. I still need to focus on extending hips, increasing speed, and lifting elbows. That’s not too much, right?
20 dus & 1 (70 lb) kb swing; 18 dus and 2 kb swings … 2 dus & 10 kb swings
I discovered just yesterday that my Rx jump rope is once again broken. Ugh. I’ve “misplaced” my cable rope (i.e., I left it either at CFD or LFF), and I just couldn’t find a rope that felt right. Sounds like an excuse, I know.
I performed Russian kb swings all unbroken until last round when I completed 2 sets of 5. Dus were a big mess. Ugh again.
My biggest problem continues to be keeping track of rounds. I kept a score sheet, and that became quite cumbersome, as I paused after each round, found my pen (which had often rolled away), and checked the appropriate box.
Time: Who knows? I didn’t look, and Jack didn’t record. My bad, not his.
Kristen is going to be my “date” for the Valentine’s Day CrossFit Challenge. We are going to kick some asses.

Push Press, Clown Push-Ups, Back Lever — and More!

This was the first session I’ve attended that Colin led, and he’s awesome! He led us through a variety of warm-up exercises, focusing on shoulders and including my new favorite push-up: the clown push-ups. While I don’t like clowns, I do very much like this push-up. 

Push Press (Split Jerk)
Last week I determined that my 1RM was 125. 
5 x 70 lb | 55%
5 x 80 lb | 65%
5 x 90 lb | 70%
5 x 100 lb | 80%
The last 5 reps were to be 85% 1RM, 105, but I was feeling strong and Colin was confident that I could go heavier. 
5 x 115 | 92%

Brad is constantly offering “helpful” suggestions. He is always willing to provide feedback  
Me: How was that, Brad? 
Brad: You got it up, and that’s all that matters. 
Me: That’s what she said. 

10, 9, 8, … 2, 1 box jumps (24″; I jumped 28″)
1, 2, 3, … 9, 10 clapping push-ups

So, 10 box jumps & 1 push-up, 9 box jumps & 2 push-ups … 1 box jump & 10 push-ups. 

This was much fun! I can jump 28″ as easily as 24″, but jumping 30″ might’ve slowed me down. I completed all box jumps unbroken, and all clapping push-ups unbroken until last 2 rounds. I neglected to clap at the end of 3 push-ups and didn’t count them. I also lost track and may have unintentionally did an extra round near the middle. 

Time – 4:54

Colin was kind enough to demonstrate back lever. I modified my form and was able to perform with body parallel to the ground for the very first time! Yay!

It is such a beautiful day that I couldn’t resist the urge to run. I did, of course, have to make it challenging. 

Wore f-lite 195s. 2 miles wearing 25 lb weight vest and another 2 miles at 5k race pace. I even threw in a sprint the last 100m. Felt great! (I do sometimes miss running.)

I Want Muscles

I attended the 10am session, led by Dave, and the focus was on strict muscle-up progressions. My shoulders are wrecked from pull-ups & KTE, but I have a renewed focus on the mu. I performed 2 with arms slightly bent at start, and 1 strict with arms fully extended at start. 

AMRAP in 15 minutes of the following:
5 push press (115; I lifted 95 lb)
10 lunges (holding 45 lb overhead)
15 box jumps (24″; I jumped 30.5″)

I’m enjoying – and dare I say benefiting from – setting my own goals. Today’s goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and that’s what I did, In order to do this, I knew it would be difficult if not impossible to push press Rx. I could’ve possibly gone a little heavier, maybe 100 or even 105, but I’m doubtful that I could’ve completed rounds unbroken. I did power clean the bar for push press, and not take from the rack. Progress. Given the confines of the space due to so many people in attendance, we completed stationary lunges. I’d much rather do walking lunges. Dave instructed us to complete box jumps landing with both feet firmly on the box, and not just the toes. That’s what I did, and it became progressively more challenging as the time sped by far too quickly. Nonetheless, all box jumps were completed in succession. 

Total reps: 7 + 5 push press, 10 lunges, and 3 box jumps. 

I attended Michael’s mobility WOD. I learned many new stretches that I’ll begin to incorporate into warmup and cooldown. I don’t know, however, if I can pay attention for a full hour, and I fear that my antics & endless ramblings will be a distraction to others. 

Yellow is NOT Keith’s color. 

Rowing, Pull-ups, KTE. Oh, My!

Row for watts
10 x 1 min w/ 30 sec recovery
2528m, 209 avg watt, 27 avg s/m

Practiced handstand hold w/ no support. Held for 5 sec. 

100 kipping pull-ups for time – 7:50
1 min rest
100 knees to elbows – 6:50

The most challenging part was using the equipment @ LFF, as I couldn’t change hand positions. I received many strange looks. 

4:30 plank, 30 sec intervals including 1 arm up, 1 leg up, 1 arm & leg up, 1 hand behind back, etc. 


Stew led today’s session, and the focus was on Superman to Hollow Rocks.  Stew was kind enough to demonstrate. However, it looked more like Superman to Wonder Woman. On his second attempt it looked like Superman to Aquaman (out of water). I made sure to let Stew know.
I attempted, and was even less successful than Stew. I felt pain in my rotator cuffs when rolling. I did 4 sets of 5 and stopped. I planned on doing 100 pull-ups, and was able to complete 6 sets of 10 kipping pull-ups before the start of the metcon. Now that I’m kipping on a regular basis, it’s difficult for me to understand why kipping used to be so challenging.
5 rounds for time of the following:
20 double unders
25 abmat sit-ups
30 kettle bell swings (52 lb)
Time: 11:32
Prior to the metcon, Stew talked with us about finding the right balance between diet, exercise, and rest. I took his words to heart. Oh, who am I kidding? When I read the posted WOD, I decided that I would NOT swing 52 lb 150 times. Reason #1: my right forearm is still a little sore. Reason #2: I could find no reason to do so other than saying I completed metcon Rx. I used a 35 lb kettle bell.
I used a cable jump rope (instead of Rx) today, and with much better results. The first 3 rounds I completed as 15 and 5, and the last 2 rounds I completed unbroken. As usual, I only counted successes. I performed all sit-ups unbroken, making sure shoulders touched ground and hands touched feet. I also completed them very quickly.
Form, consistency, intensity—in that order. Today it was all about form for swings, focusing on extending hips, tightening glutes, and extending arms above head. I completed all rounds unbroken, which to me is just as important as completing Rx. Goals, baby, goals!
Stew watched all 30 swings during 3rd round. I asked, “Why were you watching me, Stew? Were you trying to intimidate me? Were you watching my form?” He said, “I was making sure your form was correct.” Yeah, Stew. You were looking at my ass. I know it and you know. Now the world knows it. Ha!
I truly enjoyed this metcon.
I finished the day completing 4 sets of 10 kipping pull-ups for a grand total of 100. Yeah!

Endurance Rowing WOD | 1/26/11

C2 Rower
10 reps of 1 min row for calories with 2 min active recovery. 

Total: 10 min row, 2836m, 1417 cal/hr, 42 s/m

1 – 281m, 21 cal, 43 s/m
2 – 279, 21, 42
3 – 285, 22, 41
4 – 285, 22, 42
5 – 285, 22, 42
6 – 287, 22, 43
7 – 289, 22, 44
8 – 285, 22, 42
9 – 284, 21, 43
10 – 280, 21, 43

My goal was to row @ least 20 cal/min. This was a grueling workout!