Guilt Free New Year’s

Militaristic Stew led today’s session, and the focus was on the rack jerk. Stew led us through a warmup, and I then set up my own rack.
125 failed attempt. It was more psychological than physical, so I lowered the weight.
Stew observed quite a few of my lifts, and stated that the last was the best. It’s a PR as well.
Tabata bottom to bottom squat for 4 minutes & then 1-mile run. Unlike a typical Tabata, after 20 seconds of squatting we “rested” 10 seconds at the bottom of the squat. This was tough! I did have to shake out my legs a couple of times, but I made sure that I did so during squatting and not while resting. It was also difficult to get the leg speed up after the squatting, so it was a slow mile.
139 squats (may have been 149, as I lost track so I’m being conservative) and 6:17 mile.


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