Bea’s Birthday — and a Breakthrough Day

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the overhead squat. Eric attended his first 6:15 session, and he and Lori also provided coaching. Talk about getting my money’s worth! As I’ve said repeatedly, attending CrossFit is like getting daily personal training sessions.
Eric was the first to provide direction, and, after watching me attempt using just a 45 lb bar, got a small box and asked me to sit on it. The box was low enough to break parallel. He said, “Now stand up. That’s what is should feel like when you come out of the squat.” He then had me squat to the box holding a PVC pipe and then a 15 lb bar. I gradually worked up to 35 lb. The weights not the issue it’s my form, so I’m focusing on just that.
Lori was working out beside me, and also observing my squats. “Paul, Rippetoe (author of Starting Strength) gave great advice when I attended certification. Women don’t have any problem squatting but many men do. Rippetoe told men to think about putting their junk (not the word he used) between their legs before squatting.” I did just that — and it worked!”
Jack gave great suggestions for keeping my shoulders engaged and chest upright.
My checklist:
DBL and butt back
Active shoulders — feel like I’m pushing the bar in with my hands
Solid core
Bend slightly at waist
Bar moves back (behind head) during squat
I learned MUCH this morning, and am going to practice OHS daily.

Metcon–Bea’s Birthday (in celebration of Bea’s 35th birthday)
35 of the following for time:
Double unders
Ring push-ups
GHD sit-ups
I used my cable jump rope, and (quite surprisingly) was able to string 35 together for all but the last round. Yay! I credit Jay who made fun of my inability to do dus in succession. Push-ups were no problem. GHDs were challenging, but this was because the rollers are uneven, and I kept feeling unbalanced. I’m getting better at pull-ups, and was able to kip as many as 6 @ a time. For the last 10 or so, I did one @ a time, but I made sure to shoot my head through shoulders and bring chin above bar. Progress.
Time: 7:35

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