Just Like Candy
Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the weighted pull-up. I was feeling very tight and tired this morning, and I’m not sure if resting yesterday did more harm than good. On the positive side, I was able to complete 2 rounds of 20 dus (part of warm-up) in succession. My next goal is to consistently complete 50+ in succession.
I used the belt and plates for some of the weighted pull-ups, including 5 reps of 15, 5 reps of 25, and 3 reps of 35. I used my brand spanking new weight vest for 3 reps of 40 and 1 rep of 45. I added weight belt for 1 rep of 55, 1 rep of 60, and 1 failed rep of 65. I wanted to try one more rep of 65, but time was running out, and most had already set up bar and box for metcon. In fact, I didn’t have time to warm-up dead-lift before metcon started, and I could tell…
Metcon—Just Like Candy (Not sure how this title came about. Like taking candy from a baby, perhaps?)
15 min AMRAP of 7 dead-lifts (225 lb Rx) and 7 box jumps (24”).
This was one of the most difficult metcons to date. The box jumps were a welcome reprieve, and I found myself wishing there were more. During the last rounds, it took every last ounce of reserve to walk myself to the bar, get in proper position, and lift. I remained focused on form, and was less concerned with number of reps. This included changing hand grip, feeling the burn in hamstrings instead of back (yeah!), and lowering—not merely dropping—the bar.
Total: 8 rnds + 1 dead-lift. I left 15 seconds on the table. Bad, Paul, bad!

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