3rd Annual St. Mary Magdalene Monarchs in Motion 5K

Date: May 15, 2010
Location: Apex, NC
Time: 18.22
Pace: 5.55 mpm
Place: 4th
Place Age Group (40-49): 1st

The course was held in a very hilly neighborhood off of Apex-Barbecue Rd. Jeff wanted very much to run this race (yet another 5K), and Patti decided to run it as well. I ran and won this race last year. As soon as I saw Travis W., I knew I wasn’t going to win this year! He’s an amazing runner, and not only did he win, but he broke his own course record, running the very challenging course in 16.47. Greg B., 19 and from Chapel Hill, and Michael M., 32 and from Apex, placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
It was in the low 70s and very humid. The race began promptly at 8, and as in many small races I’ve run this season, the young runners (in this race boys and girls between 8 and 12) made for a very crowded start. Fortunately, most dropped off within the first 200 meters. Surprisingly, however, two 16 year olds, wearing high school track uniforms, boxed me in at about the quarter mile mark. I said, “Please don’t box me in,” and one of them said, “Yeah, like you’re going to run this faster than us anyhow.” I did, and much faster. Be respectful of your elders, boys.
The first mile was the easiest of the three, as it had a nice, long downhill stretch. I was in 4th place at this time, and only managed to keep the 3rd place finisher in my sight until about mile 2.5.
During a steep uphill climb during mile 2, a thought crossed my mind: I could just stop, catch my breath, wait for Jeff, and then run with him to the finish. I almost did just that. Ha!
For whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling fit or competitive. I was rather disappointed in my performance, and only managed to take 5 seconds off of last year’s time. I was pleased with the Zoot compression shorts I wore for the very first time.
It was nice to run Jeff to the finish. I caught him with about a half mile to go, at the start of a long, grinding uphill. I encouraged him, and let him know he was almost to the finish, and that there weren’t many more hills. There were, in fact, two more, as at the top of the hill, after turning right, was a 100-meter uphill climb. Then, after turning left at the top of that hill, there was one last very steep 25-meter climb. Ugh. Finally, there were two more left-hand turns to the finish. Jeff, once again, had a great finishing kick.
I found Patti at the very same place. During the 100-meter climb, Patti said, “I’m feeling nauseous.” I replied, “You can throw up after you finish!” She reminded me of this after the race.
I ran another 4 or so miles to cool-down. My shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks were drenched, and I was dehydrated as well.
The race organizers and volunteers (most, but that’s a story for another time) did a great job. If you’re interested in running a challenging 5K, give this race a try!


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