7th Annual Lerner School and Tiger Trot 5Ks

7th Annual Lerner School 5K
Date: Sunday, May 2, 2010
Location: Durham, NC
Time of Day: 8am
Time: 17.44
Pace: 5.55 (actual race distance was closer to 3 miles)
Place: 3rd

Yesterday (after completing a grueling 90-minute workout and then swimming for a half hour), my good friend, Jason Page (proprietor of Bull City Running, along with his lovely wife, Kim), asked me if I would like to run this race, which I graciously and stupidly said I’d be delighted to do. I was already registered to run the Tiger Trot 5K, but I (again, stupidly) thought it would be a fun idea to see how what it would be like to run two races on the same day. I’ve certainly completed two races on two consecutive days. How hard could this be? Yeah, right.
I awoke at 5:30 so I would have time to walk Xander, eat, and travel to the race start. It was already 73 degrees and the sun wasn’t even up yet. Jason had mistakenly told me the school was at the intersection of 751 and Cornwallis when it was at the intersection of 15-501 and Cornwallis. Bad, Jason, bad! I didn’t arrive at the location until 7:30. I got my bib, changed into running shoes, met Jason, ran a little warm-up with him, and we were off to the start. My quads were killing me.
The race was run on a crushed cinder trail that circled the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club. It is also a hilly course. Jason (the winner!), a high school junior (who ran barefoot!) and I took the early lead. Jason and the young man dropped me by the half mile mark, and all that I could think about was the upcoming race – and how damn hot it was. I didn’t pay much attention to form, splits, pace, breathing, etc. I just wanted to get the race over with, recover as quickly as I could, and be on my way. Even after I had stopped running, it took me a good 15 or more minutes just to stop sweating profusely.
I talked with Jason, Kim, and their daughter Elodie, drank some chocolate milk (that I had remembered to bring), ate a bagel, and headed home. Kim informed me that I won a session with a physical therapist. I need an appointment with a psychologist. 
7th Annual Tiger Trot 5K
Date: Sunday, May 2, 2010
Location: Fuquay-Varina, NC
Time of Day: 3:45pm
Time: 18.32
Pace: 5.58
Place: 2nd

My legs, and in particular my quads, were toast. The temperature was a very balmy 90 degrees. I didn’t much feel like running, let alone racing. Yeah, I know, I should probably take a little break…
I ran the mile fun run to warm-up, then joined Jeff and Patti at the starting line. The top three finishers, including me, took off, with the eventual 3rd place finisher leading the way and taking an early lead. I was passed by the eventual winner before the mile marker, and didn’t make any effort to keep up. I stayed in 3rd place until just past mile two, having seen the winner pass the 3rd place finisher at about mile 1.5. When I passed the 3rd place finisher, I felt bad for him, as he was probably no older than 16, and had just gone out too fast. He was having difficulty breathing, and his form had fallen apart. I provided words of encouragement, and actually hoped that he’d stay with me for a while. He fell off quickly. I kept this winner in my sights, but didn’t make the slightest attempt to catch him.
The last mile was very challenging, as the road was exposed to the glaring sun, and I was running into a headwind. The breeze felt nice, but it certainly slowed me down.
I made it to the finish, and didn’t even attempt a finishing kick. I grabbed a bottle of water, and was on my way to run in Jeff. I caught up to him when he had about a half mile to go. I could tell he was hurting. I gave him water to pour on his head, and this seemed to help somewhat. He walked a little during the last uphill portion, but nonetheless finished strong, including a nice finishing kick. I ran him all the way to the finish, made sure he was okay, and then ran to get Patti. I found her, too, with just about a half mile to go. She walked the same section of the course that Jeff had just walked, and also finished strong, yet again including a very good finishing kick.
I won a $25 gift certificate to Cooley’s, a restaurant in Fuquay-Varina. 

Jeff, Paul, and Patti, post-race.

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