Raven Rock Rumble 10-miler

Date: November 21, 2009

Time: 1:16:15
Place: 4th overall, 1st master
I’ve avoided posting this race, as my performance was very disappointing. I was in the midst of a six-week bout of bronchitis, was anemic, and was battling an infection (at the time of the race the anemia and infection had not been diagnosed). I knew I wasn’t healthy, but foolishly ran the race anyhow.
The race began, and Neil and Tim were off. I, along with Jonathan (the eventual winner), Anthony, and John weren’t too far behind. I was leading the second pack, and at one point Anthony said something like “pick up the pace.” Ha! I told him that he could lead if he wanted to.
John passed me, but I caught him on a downhill. Anthony, however, passed my on an uphill, and I was never able to catch up with him.
I will admit that there were two times during the race that I walked. I just didn’t have any energy. I was miserable, and couldn’t stop coughing. Not a fun thing to do while running hard.
Offnrunning was kind enough to attempt to comp my entry, as I won last year’s race. I insisted that they did not, as the race was for a charitable cause. They gave me a really cool Montrail hoodie instead.
It was after this race that I re-grouped, and took an, albeit short, break from racing. I also decreased my focus on mileage and speed work. I focused much more on yoga and core conditioning.
I did not run the Run at the Rock race, even though I was registered, nor did I run any races until RITNY.
The good news is that as I write this (January 1) I feel much, much better.

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