Hurricane Flo

IMG_3452Friday, September 14

Just three months until my birthday.

Run 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, & 800m in 50m shuttle sprints
Complete 5 TNG rounds after each run of deadlift + power clean + hang power clean @ 100#

That’s 3,600m or 2.25 miles of sprinting, along with 40 deadlifts and 80 PCs.

Not only were rounds of DL+PC+HPC TNG and unbroken, there was also no jumping when extending. So there’s that.

Time = 21:20

That was fun!

Saturday, September 15

Knowing that the remnants of Flo would likely be with us for a couple of days, I took Luke & Cinna for a long walk this morning before heading to the gym, AKA the garage.

6-count burpee + (strict) ring dip
6-count plate burpee, 45#
3-count burpee box jump, 27″ (45# plate placed on top of box)
3″ negative (strict) HSPU (place plate on mat)

Any workout that includes 90 burpees is going to be enjoyable, and this was no exception.

Obviously I moved the plate to the box, then to the gym mat, and then back to the mat on the floor. ‘Twas much carrying and correct placement of plate.

I had two slow rounds: when I was thinking about storm preparation and had forgotten to move plate from mat to starting position for plate burpee and when Jeff interrupted me to ask a question. Times ranged from 29 (last round!) to 43 (dammit!) seconds, with a total accumulated time of 17:10. Winning.

Sunday, September 16

It’s a rainy day, as the remnants of Flo finally reach Western NC. I took Luke and Cinna for a walk, and we were all drenched by the time we returned home.

32 1-min rounds for accumulated time
5 calorie row
3 WBS (20# & 10′) odd-numbered rounds
3 T2B even-numbered rounds

This was a gasser. The slowest and fastest rounds took 36 and 24 seconds, respectively, and I averaged about 31 seconds a round. Accumulated time was 16:26.

Monday, September 17

The 8 and 9 am sessions were canceled at AB Tech. I did teach at 10, and the first round of demonstrative speeches were very good, so I’m pleased.

I worked out at 4, and it was moist.

Reverse CF Total
Max load
Back squat

This was quite different than the CF Total, and doing the press last was quite an experience.

I set modest goals, as I plan on using this as baseline for next 3-month (yes, 3-month) strength cycle. My goals were 360, 225, and 145, respectively, and I lifted 365, 235, and 140. Yay, yay, and nay.

7-min AMRAP
Burpee K2E

I set goal to complete 50 reps. I worked continuously and didn’t pause to even chalk my hands. How many reps? Fifty-seven!

I had four ripe bananas so I made banana cupcakes with honey-cinnamon filling and they are as moist as it’s been in NC these last couple of days.


Receiving an unwanted text is an invasion or privacy. Forcing communication upon citizens is a sign of a fascist government. This shit has got to stop.




Banana Nut Muffins

Sunday, September 9

I took Luke and Cinna for a walk. The temperature was a mild 67, but the humidity was 1000%. Yes, 1000%.

Every 20 seconds for 10 rounds
L or R T2B
R or L T2B


Every 20 seconds for 10 rounds
L or R K2E
R or L K2E

As originality is merely unconscious plagiarism, I can’t unequivocally state that this is an original idea. I do know, however, that I haven’t see anyone do this are read about it on any blogs or CF sites, so there’s that.

This worked the obliques, yo.

10 RFT
5 burpee + box jump (24″) + 5 air squats (on top of box)
5 rebounding box jumps 

That’s a total of 50 burpees, 100 box jumps, and 250 air squats. It’s no wonder that I could hardly walk up the stairs to enjoy a glass of chocolate milk. Oh, who am I kidding—I drink the chocolate milk out of the container.

Time = 17:28

Monday, September 10

I taught all morning and spent most of the rest of the day grading speeches. I worked out after 5, as I knew Jeff would be in a TC and that he wanted to take Luke for another (his 4th of the day) walk.

10 RFT
—Sprint row 100m
—10/leg grasshoppers (knee to elbow)
—1 wall crawl (nose to wall)
—1 deadlift, 275#
Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds

This was one of the toughest workouts I’ve completed in the recent past. First, the minute rest allowed barely enough time to catch my breath. Why? Because I ensured that I treated each round like a sprint. This began with a very fast 100m row, most round rowing at at 1:33/500m pace and often more than an average of 40 strokes/minute. Thus, I was winded when I quickly got off of the rower.

Admittedly, for the first 4 or 5 rounds, I didn’t transition as quickly to grasshoppers as I did for the remaining rounds. The grasshoppers were the most challenging part of the workout, and it took mental fortitude to complete all rounds in unbroken reps. I realized that I needed to get through all 10 reps as quickly as possible if I had any chance of doing latter reps in unbroken reps.

I ensured that my nose touched the wall for every rep of wall crawl. I also ensured that I lowered and didn’t merely drop the barbell when deadlift was completed. Oh, and 275# was a heavy weight.

My goal was 19 minutes, not including 1-minute rest after 10th round, and my time was 18:53. That was a true interval workout, as the minute rest was barely enough time. Whew!

I completed the rounds in: 1:08, 1:02, :58, 1:03, 1:08, 1:00, :55, :58, :57, & :46.

I also like when I’m able to finish strong.

Tuesday, September 11

I watched the final episode of The Looming Tower entitled “9/11.” It was gut wrenching.

I baked funfetti cupcakes and bread, and made homemade raviolis with my new contraption. Yay! And this is also why I only eat two meals a day. I’m counting my calories to ensure that I don’t, you know, swell.

My day was full with many other activities, and I didn’t work out until 7 pm, the latest I’ve worked out in a couldn’t tell you when.

Every other minute
Press, Push Press, Power Jerk
Increase weight 10# each round

This didn’t go as well as it should have, likely because it’s the fourth day in a row that I’ve worked out and I did grasshoppers and wall crawls yesterday. I completed all 3 lifts @ 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125, but after completing press @ 135 I didn’t have enough left in the tank for push press and power jerk. I did push press @ 145 & 155, but failed at 165. I came very close to completing rep but just could get it up. #viagramayhavehelped

As it was a relatively cool evening, I completed conditioning on 5th Ave. I set up towel at starting line, measure 10, and set up clock and notepad.

Max rep strict and unbroken pushups
Run 10m forwards and 10m backward, increasing by 1 sprint (forwards & backwards = 1 rep) after each round of unbroken pushup

For strict pushups I ensured that hands were in same position for all rounds, that feet were together, and that nipples and alternating face cheek touched the ground. I only allowed myself to rest in plank position, i.e., no resting with chest on the ground and arms stretched to the side.

I completed 22, 9, 9, 10, 11, 14, 14, 16, 16, 17, 17, & 24 for a total of 180 pushups and ran 11 rounds, i.e., I didn’t run after 12th and final round of pushups. That’s 1,320m total—and half of that running backwards. I was pleased that I was able to finish strongly. Of course the “rest” whilst running helped!

Wednesday, September 12

I rested. Sadly, I forgot to drink a beer. Dammit.

Thursday, September 13

Hurricane Flo approaches, so I’ve been battening down the hatches, so to speak.

I made banana-nut muffins for breakfast, and they are delicious. I’ve discovered that the most convoluted recipes often result in the best delicacies, and this recipe was indeed convoluted.

Row 25 calories
5 rounds
– burpee + strict L-sit pull-up
– burpee + strict C2B pull-up
– burpee + strict T2B
– burpee + strict K2E
– burpee + SDHP, 100#
Row 25 calories
5 rounds
– burpee + strict L-sit pull-up
– burpee + strict C2B pull-up
– burpee + strict T2B
– burpee + strict K2E
– burpee + SDHP, 100#
Row 25 calories
5 rounds

– burpee + 3 strict L-sit pull-ups
– burpee + 3 strict C2B pull-ups
– burpee + 3 strict T2B
– burpee + 3 strict K2E
– burpee + 3 SDHPs, 100#

Time = 21:20

I set a goal to complete a calorie per stroke, and completed rounds of rowing in 25, 24, and 24 strokes. Yay! I kept strokes at about 16/minute.

I programmed pull-ups because I did so much pushing this past Tuesday. Burpees were more about active recovery and were thus not 6-count.

This was a gasser, and I’m pleased with performance.


Oh, so I haven’t been blogging as faithfully as I should or could. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working out! Most days I scribble notes on a pad and think, “If I blog soon I’ll remember the details.”

Uhm, and then I don’t blog and, well, I forget the details. So there’s that.

The following are a number of workouts, often not in chronological order, of just some of the workouts I’ve completed since I last blogged, you know, a month ago.


Strict ring dips
75# power snatches|
Strict HSPUs

I completed rounds of RD and PS in unbroken reps, but was doing single HSPUs by the end of the workout.

Time = 22:07

Parallette passthrough every 45 seconds for 55 rounds.

You know, because 55 reps for first workout. Whilst not overly challenging, I nonetheless was glad when I completed the last rep. A rep took about 5 or 6 seconds.


Every other minute, and with a minute to complete work (and a minute to rest, obviously)
Sprint 100m (50m out and back)
3 burpees
Cluster @ 135#
Increase weight of cluster until failure (w/ 3 attempts at any weight)

My goal was 155#, as my PR was 161#. Yup, was. I warmed up by completed 3 burpees & cluster with no sprint @ 95, 105, 115, 125, & 135#.

I completed clusters @ 140, 145, & 150. I failed @ 155 1st attempt (couldn’t lock out elbows) and 2nd attempt (focused on push press and let elbows fall) but completed 3rd attempt. Yay! I then put 162# on bar, failed 1st attempt, but thankfully completed 2nd attempt. Yay and yay!

I completed all rounds with between 3 and 7 seconds to spare.


Bench press

I have no idea what I did or how much weight I pressed.

Mountain climbers (1 rep = l & r leg)

Fast, furious, and in unbroken reps.

Time – 4:34


10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 unbroken double unders
Begin each round with 10c row

I set goal to complete row in 11 strokes, and am pleased to report that I did just that. I missed 27th rep of 40 reps of dus going down the ladder and, thus, had to start that round over. Dammit.

Time = 15:26.


32-round Tabata
G2O, 75#
American KBS, 53#
WBS, 20# & 10′
Medicine ball cleans

Holy shit that was tough. I completed 5 rounds + 18 reps. And nearly died.


Uhm, a workout that included power snatch, hang power clean, and hang power snatch, all with same hand position (i.e., neither wide nor narrow). It appears that I did 20 rounds (with burpees, maybe?) @ 65, 16 rounds @ 75, 11 rounds @ 95, and 3 rounds @ 105#. I can’t recall how I came up with rep scheme.


I might have tried the Other Total. I think I did. Maybe. I recorded power clean @ 165, bench press @ 185, and overhead squat @ 125#. All weights low for whatever reason(s).


1 neg HSPU, 3″
3 C2B pull-ups
5 clapping pushups
7 jumping air squats
9 sit-ups
1 cluster (I don’t know the weight)

I also don’t know the rounds or time. Ha!


25 reps 10-count burpee + strict ring dips
25 reps 1-count burpee + Russian KBS, 70#
50 reps 8-count burpee + medicine ball clean

I can’t read my own writing, so I don’t know that time it took.


Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 3.55.25 PM

I do remember this workout, and it was tough. For example, rounds 11-15 consisted of 100m run, 10 sit-ups, air squats, & pushups, and 5 pull-ups. ‘Twas quite an accumulation of reps.

Time = 39:20.


I recorded other workouts that I can’t decipher. So there’s that.


Other things of utmost importance to note:

I now like IPAs, but only hazy IPAs. Hazy means unfiltered. I’m also unfiltered.

I’ve been baking up a storm, and have even begun to create my own recipes. My favorite original recipe is lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting. My favorite non-original recipe is orange creamsicle cupcakes. OMFG. I’ve also been making puff pastry, including Jeff’s favorite, cream horns.

Whilst I don’t like Autumn and I generally develop a slight malaise, I very much enjoy the sunflowers at The Biltmore.

Treating people fairly and treating people equally are not the same thing. I say this as a teacher and as an athlete. I am appalled at folks who are disappointed that CFHQ is going to allow trans athletes to compete in the gender category in which they identify. The comments are most often directed at biologically born males who identify as females. “It’s an unfair advantages, as males are stronger than females!” “Trans females take male hormones, and those are PEDs!” Folks, most trans individuals have spent much of their lives at a disadvantage, often being made to attempt to act like the biological gender that they were born with. Is athletic prowess purely physical and not psychological? I would say not. Now imagine being born a biological woman who identifies as a man. And now imagine having to play on the “girls” team. Now imagine being born a biological man who identifies as a woman. Yup, and now imagine having to play on the “boys” team. The psychological disadvantages that many trans athletes have experienced, IMHO, far outweigh any perceived physical advantages you think or feel they may have. One last thing and then I’ll be quiet for a while… There is no aspect of the CFG that is “fair” to every athlete competing. Lifting heavy weights? I’m 5’6″ and weight 145#, so I’m at a disadvantage from the start. Should I yell that the competition is unfair? That I’m not being treated fairly? What about a workout like “Murph,” that includes running, pull-ups, pushups, and air squats (albeit whilst wearing a 20# weight vest). I can fucking crush that workout. Should heavier, taller, slower athletes yell that it’s unfair to them? Ok, one very very last thing: life isn’t always fair, so get over it.

I fear for our democracy. I hope (as I don’t pray) for a blue wave come November. I also hope that the election is fair. It likely won’t be. (See above.)




Ninety Rounds

Sunday, August 5

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 X 100m sprint
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 unbroken Russian KBS

In other words, 100m (50m up and back) & 5 KBS ending with 500m sprint & 25 KBS.

Time = 11:08


2, 4, 6, 8, 10 unbroken 255# DL
10, 20, 30, 40, 50 unbroken LBH

Deadlifts got heavy.

Time 4:22


25 RFT
5/leg unbroken mountain climbers

Holy shit, I was getting tired.

Time = 6:41

Monday, August 6

Max rep unbroken pull-ups (no resting at extension)
Row same number of calories, e.g., 10 pull-ups and then 10 calories
*Must complete same number of calories as pull-ups

I completed 10, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10, 9, 9, 10, 9, 10, 10, & 6 reps, for a total of 128 pull-ups and calories.

And I got in that 6th calorie just as the timer sounded. Yay!

128 (as that’s the number of pull-ups) alternating cheek-to-floor pushups

I completed as many as 15 (at the start) and as few as 1 (the last 3 reps) in a time of 7:48.

Wednesday, August 8

I took Luke for a very long walk, enjoying the relatively mild weather. There’s always something pretty to see in Asheville!

I had initially planned a 90-minute workout, but I modified it along the way. Read on.

EMOM 90 (Every 45 seconds)
Strict HSPU
Bent over row
Hang power clean
* Begin at 95# and increase weight by 5# every 10 reps

Okay, so I made it through 20 rounds and, well, the rest was too long. I then decreased to 45 seconds but allowed a minute of rest when weight increased. Thus, I did 2 rounds of 10 reps @ 95 & 100# every minute on the minute, and then did remaining rounds every 45 seconds (with additional 15 seconds when weight increased) for remaining reps, i.e., 10 reps @ 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, & 135.

A surprisingly challenging workout! Think about it: 90 strict HSPUs, deadlifts, BoRs, and HPCs.

The hardest part was remembering rest time….

Thursday, August 9

I took Luke for a walk around Carrier Park, began to make dough for homemade jelly-filled donuts. You read that right.

Every 35 seconds for 60 rounds (resting an additional 35 seconds when weight changed)
Strict T2B
Strict K2E
Power snatch
Hang power snatch
10 rounds @ 65, 70, 75, 80, & 85
Then 5 rounds @ 90 & 95#
Then singles @ 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, & 125# (resting and addition 35 seconds before attempt)

I completed PS & HPS until 120, but failed HPS @ 125. As I successfully completing PS @ 125, I increased to 130, tying PR. So I added another pound and achieved new PR. well, then. I decided to attempt HPS @ 121# and successfully (although it was ugly) completed lift. ‘Twas a two PR day!

That’s a total of 67 T2B, K2E, pull-ups, & PS and 63 HPS. Both


Uhm, I haven’t been very good about recording workouts. I found my notes in the garage for a workout I did last or the week before. I just can’t recall the date, but I can certainly remember the workout.

I don’t want to do that again.

~ Rest ~

5 plate burpees, 45$#
5 27″ (plate on 24″ box) box jumps

Time = 4:25



Take Me Home…

Thursday, July 26

3 strict pull-ups
9 jumping air squats
9 clapping pushups
18 lateral bar hops
3 deadlifts @ 200#

Uhm, I didn’t record the time. Dammit. ‘Twas nonetheless a good workout!

Saturday, July 28

Every 30 seconds for 30 minutes (60 rounds):
Strict toes to bar
Strict knees to elbows
Sumo deadlift high pull, 135#
Strict handstand pushup (freestanding handstand and butt kick at for finish)

All rounds competed in fewer than 17 seconds.

I had to remove shirt to wipe down mat.

Yup, Luke took over the gym mat.

Sunday, July 29

I wanted to run, and run I did!

12 RFT
Run 400m
25 sandbag squats, 45#

I had programmed 10 rounds but, well, that’d only be 2.5 miles and 250 squats.

Time = 41:15

That’s about 3.5 minutes a round. The squats slowed me down. Aaaaaaand I also grabbed the phone a few times to record Luke lounging.

Monday, July 30

5-min ARMAP
5 pull-ups
5 floor presses, 95#
~Rest 3 min~
4-min ARMAP
4 pull-ups
4 floor presses
~Rest 2 min~
3-min ARMAP
3 pull-ups
3 floor presses
~Rest 1 min~
2-min ARMAP
2 pull-ups
2 floor presses
~Rest 30 sec~
1-min ARMAP
1 pull-up
1 floor press

Who programs this shit? Oh, right, that’d be me.

Scores = 9, 9, 9, 8, & 5; 129 reps of both activities. 

‘Twas weird that there were no “plus” rounds.

Wednesday, August 1

I went for a 12+-mile bike ride on the Greenbrier Trail! It was beautiful, albeit rainy, ride. One part of the ride was scary, and that was riding through the Droop Mountain tunnel. I didn’t have a headlamp on bike, so I only had the slight light of the sun shining off of the reflectors to guide me through the first part of the tunnel as I traveled North.

And then it was pitch black as the tunnel took a turn to the right. I began to sing to myself to overcome a slight panic attack. I continued riding and was relieved to see the literal light at the end of the tunnel.

As I knew a what to expect, the return trip South wasn’t nearly as frightening.

Thursday, August 2

Final grades for Summer 2018 semester posted! I may have been too kind.

As I wasn’t meeting my mother, sister, niece, and grand-niece until later in the day, I worked out a Country Roads CrossFit in Lewisburg, WV. Uhm, I haven’t worked out in a box in about a year and a half. I wasn’t concerned, however, as I’ve worked out at CRCF in the past, and Bimbo and Laura have always been very welcoming. I had fun today!

We warmed up and then began strength. Aaaaaand I misunderstood the rep scheme. That happens when I don’t do my own programming.

As prescribed:
6 sets of clean pull + hang clean + clean @70% of 1RM

As I understood and completed:
6 sets of 3 clean pulls + 3 hang cleans + 3 cleans

And that’s quite a different workout. Particularly as I complete TNG. As I didn’t want to complete 36 reps @ 125, I informed Coach Laura that I’d work up to the weight. I began @ 75 and added 10# a set to work up to 125#, 70% of 1RM.

I kept wondering why I was so far behind the other two athletes. As I wasn’t paying much attention to them, I didn’t notice that they weren’t doing the same number of reps. It wasn’t until after I completed my last set that Coach Laura pointed out my error. Ha! I got in a good workout, so I wasn’t the least bit upset.

30 T2B
25 burpee box jump overs, 24″
20 T2B
10 T2B

I started strong, completing 17 unbroken T2B before briefly coming off the rig. I was able to continue to string together T2B, only having to do 4 or 5 as singles. I haven’t jumped completely over the box in quite a while, and was pleased that I didn’t lose the ability to do so. Yay!

Time = 10:31

I have no idea how I compared to other athletes, nor do I care.

Friday, August 3

Coach Laura at Country Roads CrossFit mentioned that Bimbo had programmed a grueling workout based on the Bear Complex. I decided to give it a try.

100 reps power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + behind the neck push press @ 75 lbs.
*Complete 5 burpees anytime the barbell is dropped, placed on floor, or any part of rep failed.

My strategy was to complete 20 rounds of 5 reps. That strategy immediately was abandoned and changed to completing 5 or more reps until, well, I couldn’t do that many.

I allowed myself to rest briefly only when bar was in hang position or on back (usually before completing the most difficult move, the behind the neck push press).

I completed 11, 9, 8, 7, 8, 6, 7, 6, 6, 7, 6, 5, 6, 4, & 4 and 14 rounds of 5 burpees. Yup, that’d be a mere 70 burpees.

And believe me, the burpees were a welcome relief.

I had completed 50 reps in a little over 20 minutes, so I set a goal to finish in 45 minutes or fewer.

Time = 43:03

This was truly a grueling workout, and was as much psychological as physical.


Worthy of its own post

Monday, July 23

First, notice the correct possessive form of “it.” It’s the correct form. See what I did there?

I took Luke for a walk before leaving for work, and then took Luke and Cinna for walks at noon and this evening. Spoiled rotten.

I made two miniature lemon soufflés, and ate them both. Uhm, and thus needed to work off some calories. Ha!

Last night I dreamt of burpees. Today I programmed a workout that I would never program for anyone other than myself. ‘Twas certainly an endurance workout, and was as much psychological as physical.

500 burpees

That’s not a typo. Five freaking hundred burpees.

I knew I’d have to pace myself, and I knew I’d have to be flexible with my approach. I began by completing the first 100 reps in rounds of 10 reps, with a very brief pause between rounds. I glanced at the clock and it read 9 minutes and change. I then set a goal to complete the workout in fewer than 50 minutes.

Uhm, and I wasn’t feeling all that winded or weak after the first 100 reps, so I completed the next 100 reps in 8 rounds of 11 and 1 round of 12 reps. And I still wasn’t feeling all that winded, so I completed the next 100 reps in 6 rounds of 15 and 1 round of 11 reps. Why 11? Because I decided to complete the next round of 100 in 9 rounds of 11 reps and needed that 1 extra rep to reach and even 300.

Whilst completing reps 301 through 400 I decided that I would complete the final 100 reps based on feeling, i.e., not complete pre-set number of rounds or reps a round.

I began and easily made it to 20. I told myself that if I felt good at 20 I’d continue until 25, and continue doing in this manner every 5 reps. In other words, I had to feel confident that I could complete 5 unbroken reps each time I had completed a multiple of 5. And this worked! I made it to 50 and told myself to make it to 55 so that I would be more than halfway finished. And then I kept going, working to 60, 65, 70, and 75. I had contemplated resting briefly when I reached 75, but kept going, even pushing it for the very last 10 reps.

I changed direction, alternating between North and South, throughout the workout (with the exception of the last 100 reps) if for no other reason than to work in a somewhat less slippery environment. My hands would occasionally slip as the mat became moist (my favorite word!), but I made sure to adjust my hand so as to be able to remain somewhat symmetrical for push off of the floor.

I had completed about 420 reps (if I’m recalling correctly) at the 40-minute mark and that gave me a boost of confidence, for I then knew that I’d be able to achieve my goal. I finished in a time of 46:36.

That’s a little more than 10 and a half reps a minute.

Give it a try. F987F59C-4853-4BBE-8CD1-E8F2E2FA729968AC4FFE-71D4-4BBF-BCB4-ED2477840607IMG_8974

Lots o’ balls

I rested Wednesday, and it was good. And much needed. Three consecutive days of burpees left me feeling slightly sore. I also knew that I was going to be completing 4 consecutive days of workouts that include wall ball shots. And I dislike (but don’t hate) wall ball shots.

Thursday, July 19

150 RFT of medicine ball burpee + medicine ball clean + wall ball shot (20# & 10′)

This was more challenging than one would imagine, as having to complete 1 wall ball shot at a time, and always beginning with a medicine ball clean, tended to slow me down and somewhat throw off my rhythm. I did work steadily, completing rounds of 10 until the last 20 unbroken reps.

Time = 24:17

That’s about 10 seconds a rep. I did rest briefly between rounds of 10 reps, often wiping the sweat off of the ball(s). See what I did there?

Friday, July 20

75 (85) RFT of strict HSPU + 155# DL + wall ball shot (20# & 10′)

Uhm, I doubted that I had completed 75, when in fact I had, and completed an additional 10 rounds. I completed 75 rounds in a time of 27:49 and 85 rounds in 31:04. I had no failed reps, and I was surprised that I was able to do that many strict HSPUs without failing. Deadlifts felt easy the first 50 or so reps and then began to feel heavy.

I eventually had to place a towel on gym mat, as my hands began to dangerously slip when I set up for HSPU. And that’s never good.

Saturday, July 21

‘Twas a rainy morning, but I nonetheless took Luke and Cinna for walks. ‘Twas also a chilly 62 degrees.

I then made 4 dozen white chocolate chip cookies and 2 dozen cocoa devil’s food cupcakes. I made boiled white frosting later in the afternoon, resulting in cupcakes covered in frosting and topped with a cookie. Delicious!

30 RFT of 5 unbroken T2B + 15-second strict plank hold + 5 unbroken wall ball shots (20# & 10′)

It was kinda sorta nice to complete continuous reps of WBS, although I did begin all 30 rounds with a medicine ball clean. I had no failed reps. Much like with HSPUs the day before, I surprised myself by completing all rounds of T2B in unbroken reps.

Time = 26:54

That’s about 55 seconds a round, including the 15-second handstand hold. Given the time it took to transition between activities, I’m pleased with performance.

Sunday, July 22

Four days streak, bitches! I took Luke and Cinna for long and short walks, respectively. I then enjoyed two delicious “old fashioned blueberry muffins” and made using the Sunny Point Cafe cookbook. Next? The garage/gym with Luke.

Uhm, my abs were sore. One hundred-fifty knees to elbows reps will do that to you.

11 RFT
11 calorie row
9 Russian KB swings, 53#
7 Abmat sit-ups
5 wall ball shots, 20# & 10′

My programmer is awesome. And this workout, whilst not overly challenging, was nonetheless just what I needed. In fact, I’d put this in the category of active recovery.

I focused on rowing 20 strokes/minute and 1 calorie/stroke, and was generally successful.  KB swings presented no issues, and all rounds (as with remaining activities) were completed in unbroken reps. Sit-ups were the most challenging, you know, because of sore abs.

And more wall ball shots. But honestly, 5 unbroken reps felt kinda sorta easy.

I chuckled a few times whilst looking at Luke, who stationed himself in front of the rower. He certainly knows how to relax.

Time = 24:56

I rested briefly, and then set up 10m course on 5th Ave. in front of neighbor’s house. I like the course because it’s 10m uphill and (duh) 10m downhill.

11 unbroken & strict pushups
5 shuttle sprints, 10m forward and 10m backward

This was quite exhausting. Luke joined me for part of the workout, and I then asked him to sit at the end of our driveway and wait for me to finish. He did just that.

Time = 5:26